Just call it the state of the art. Karl Lagerfeld has withdrawn two paintings by Philippe de Champaigne — “The Entry of Christ Into Jerusalem” and “Christ and the Canaanite Woman” — from the upcoming May 23 sale of his Old Masters collection at Christie’s in New York.
Lagerfeld is giving the pair of paintings — with an estimated value of between $250,000 and $300,000 — to the French government. They’re expected to be grouped with three de Champaigne works from the same series at Paris’s Val de Grace Museum, according to a Christie’s France spokeswoman.
A total of six paintings representing the life of Christ were commissioned from de Champaigne in 1628 by Marie de Medici. Only five of these paintings are known today.

The word around town is that Libet Johnson and Frederic Fekkai are tying the knot — once they’ve finished hammered out their prenuptial agreement. Assuming the couple obeys the tradition that prevents the groom from laying eyes on the bride before the ceremony, the big question remains: Who will do Johnson’s hair?