“I got to beat him up — and each time he asked for more,” said martial arts guru Heather Graham of Luke Wilson, her co-star in “Committed,” which premiered last week in Los Angeles.
Graham, who plays a New Yorker off to Texas in search of her deadbeat husband, gave Wilson his on-screen comeuppance in the form of several karate kicks to the face.
“It felt good,” Wilson deadpanned. But even the leading lady, who studied Tae Kwan Do for three years, lost her footing when the subject turned to her boyfriend, Edward Burns.
“Eddie has three suits that he alternates for premieres, but every time he puts one on, I get weak in the knees.”
Sheryl Crow and “Committed” co-stars Goran Visnjic and Casey Affleck slugged margaritas as the party continued at Reata, Rodeo Drive’s new Texan restaurant.
“In real life,” Affleck said, “nobody laughs at my jokes, so when they script them for me, I get a chuckle now and then.”
Model-turned-actress Patricia Velasquez, who plays the object of Affleck’s affections, added, “You know, I thought I was a drama queen, but it seems I keep falling into comedy.”
Back in San Francisco, John Traina threw an intimate dinner for Denise Hale — one of eight birthday celebrations in her honor.
“I saw this beautiful Burberry silk taffeta when I was visiting Rosemary [Bravo] in London,” explained Hale, “and thought it would make a beautiful ballgown and wrap. She made it just for me, and now I think she’s adding it to the line.”