Byline: Amanda Birns

PARIS — First there was the Wonderbra, then came the Waterbra, and now there is the air-bra, aka the “Air-Up” bra by Bolero.
Set to hit French stores in October, the underwire Air-Up is the first bra of its kind to use air-filled cups to lift a woman’s bust.
“The other bras with water and silicone are heavy,” said a spokeswoman for Groupe LDB, the French lingerie manufacturer’s parent. “Air is light and permits a round shape. The Air-Up is a comfortable bra that can be worn everyday.”
The Air-Up is being launched as part of a new six-unit line called New York. Other styles are a padded and nonpadded bra, a bustier-styled tank, a bikini and a boy-cut short. Retail prices range from $22 for the bikini to $54 for the “Air-Up” bra. The polyamide, elastin and cotton blend line is available in four colors: red, green, silver and silk. Dollar figures are converted from the French franc at current exchange.
The Air-Up bra was introduced to retailers in France in March and will be presented to the French press in June. A major advertising campaign is planned for Oct. 18 to 24 to follow the French retail launch on Sept. 10 in 2,000 doors.
Bus shelters throughout France will be plastered with ads, and radio spots will air on two French radio stations, chosen for their high number of female listeners age 25 to 49. Bolero chose Velvarde of Spain for the campaign.
“The bus shelters will allow us to communicate on the visual side,” said Jerome Guachino, product manager at Bolero. “The ad will show a picture of a woman with a lifted bust. The radio will allow us to discuss the innovations [of the Air-Up] and to create traffic in stores.”
The Air-Up bra and the rest of the New York line will be introduced internationally by yearend, and the Air-Up technology will be incorporated into other brands run by LDB, and owned by VF Corp., including Lou, Belcor and Silhouette.