Byline: Alev Aktar

NEW YORK — Wimps rejoice: There’s a new men’s fragrance formulated to make you feel bold and confident.
A splash of Made 4 Men cologne and presto — weasels will experience heightened “self-awareness and self-esteem allowing for a greater sense of well-being,” according to a press release.
The line of six products is formulated with all-natural “egotropic enhancers” grown from human pheromones and subsequently sterilized and purified. “They are not a sexual lure,” noted Nicholas Yakovich, president and chief operating officer of M4M International Inc., which is based in New Hope, Pa. “They make individuals feel better about themselves.”
The line, which was introduced in January 1999, is currently sold in small specialty stores, boutiques and select Sephora doors and on and via a toll-free number. According to Yakovich, the collection will roll out to a total of about 100 doors this year.
Sources say M4M could generate about $500,000 at wholesale in 2000.