CBGB CLOTHES: CBGB, the downtown club best known for its part in shaping the punk music scene, will launch an apparel line to be produced by junior firm One Clothing.
One Clothing has been making CBGB T-shirts for five years, but this is the club’s first effort at a full line.
The premier offering will consist of animal prints in stretch twill, microfiber pieces, pinstriped bell-bottoms and long-sleeved cotton shirts, all featuring the club’s logo. One Clothing will work in partnership with CBGB to develop the line, which is slated to bow this summer.
Initial distribution will be at the club, located at the corner of Bleecker Street and the Bowery in Manhattan, and on the CBGB Web site, although distribution may be expanded at a later date, One Clothing said. Retail prices will range from $19.99 to $89.99.

FUBU FILM: Fubu is branching out into Hollywood.
The giant sportswear company has signed a deal with Artists Television Group to develop television programming, feature films and videos.
Under the agreement, ATG will have first rights to develop all Fubu’s properties, and Fubu executives will be executive producers on all properties produced through the deal.
Leslie Short, Fubu’s vice president of marketing, said the deal was part of the company’s plan to be a lifestyle firm.
“This is something the company’s principals have always wanted to do, and it is part of our whole lifestyle concept,” Short said.
She noted that Fubu’s principals, Daymond John, Keith Perrin, Carl Brown and J. Martin, are currently working on projects, and the first joint effort will be a movie.
“ATG and Fubu share the same vision — to be innovators who can reach out to new audiences and into new communications channels,” said Eric Tannenbaum, president and chief executive officer of ATG. “We know the Fubu creativity will successfully translate into a wide range of entertainment-based endeavors, and we’re thrilled to partner with them on those activities.”
Daymond John, Fubu’s chief executive officer, said, “Both companies enjoy strong ties with entertainers, and we look forward to an exciting and productive partnership as we move forward on our joint projects.”

CANDY TIME: Candy Rain Sales has opened a new showroom at 1411 Broadway in New York.
The junior sportswear firm, which opened late last year, had been sharing a showroom at 1407 Broadway, but decided to move into its own space based on strong initial sales, said Scott Eisenberg, president of Candy Rain Sales.
Candy Rain primarily makes trendy, novelty items such as stretch denim and faux leather and suede under private label, and expects to have a volume of about $5 million this year, according to Eisenberg.