“You never know with new work,” Anne Bass said Wednesday night at the New York City Ballet Spring Gala, which offered three world premieres and a new piece by one of the company’s young stars, Christopher Wheeldon. “But in this case, I think we all just loved it.”
The gala was chaired by Guy and Lucile Peyrelongue of L’Oreal and Rose Marie Bravo of Burberry.
“People asked me, ‘Where can we buy these tablecloths?”‘ Bravo said of the Burberry check, muted under a layer of tulle, that covered every table.
Though Burberry had sent her some of Roberto Menichetti’s new designs, Chloe Sevigny’s independence is unflinching: She wore Yves Saint Laurent atop a pair of buttery-brown Lauren Hutton-era stacked-heel boots.
“I know, I know,” she said. “More Saint Laurent. I’m becoming so predictable.”
But no sooner had Sevigny swung through the door of the New York State Theater than an emissary from Burberry rushed up and cuffed her wrist with a plaid bracelet, which she wore diplomatically through dinner.
Sevigny’s nostalgic outfit found its counterpoint in Anne McNally’s hobo Dior.
“Look,” she said, tugging on one of the straightjacket straps on the side, “I’m coming undone. If I have enough fun, I’m going to be completely deconstructed by the end of the night.”
Out on the terrace, Rena Sindi’s friends were admiring the tiny silver purse she’d plunked down on the table.
“I got it in Thailand at the flea market,” said Sindi, who is co-chairing NYCB’s Dance With the Dancers benefit on June 12.
But others in her midst were captivated by the epic heart-shaped diamond bursting from Sindi’s finger.
“Not from the flea market,” she whispered.