Byline: Aileen Mehle

The story goes — it goes, but it’s not confirmed as yet — that Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg is putting her mother’s Martha’s Vineyard property up for sale, the reason being it holds too many bittersweet family memories.
If it goes on the market, the 10-room house and beachfront holdings could be worth as much as $50 million. And that is without any of the family furnishings.

Who doesn’t know about Elizabeth Taylor’s adored white Maltese terrier, Sugar? She doesn’t like traveling anywhere without the Sugster, so she was thrilled when parliament finally passed that law allowing doggies into merry old England. Elizabeth, planning for her May 16th “dame-ing” at Buckingham Palace and her lifetime career tribute at Royal Albert Hall on May 26, would love to have Sugar nearby, but because of Britain’s fear of rabies, pets have been notoriously banned without a long quarantine. So thrilled at first, Elizabeth howled when she heard that the new pet passport law applied only to animals from Europe and that those from the U.S. are still not welcome. She is said to have even lobbied Number 10 Downing Street for her Maltese but to no avail.
So now she may send Sugar on ahead to meet her at the Cannes Film Festival, where she will be the guest of honor at an AMFAR benefit after her London tributes.

We’ve all read interminably on the financial pages about the long battle between David and Bill Koch for control of America’s second-biggest privately owned company, Koch Industries. Now both brothers have ensconced themselves in Palm Beach along with their wives. Will the battle, this time for social prominence, continue there? Or do the Koch brothers really care about that sort of thing? Whatever the case, the brothers both have hugely expensive oceanfront properties there. Julia and David bought an existing estate, while Angela and Bill tore down what some considered an architecturally lovely place. This Oriental edifice built by the late heiress Lily Fuller was later owned by Lewis and Bob Fomon. It didn’t seem to suit Angela’s and Bill’s growing family so they started over from the ground up. That included leveling the four-bedroom beach house. Billionaires have their privileges.

Motion Picture Notes From All Over: Kim Basinger’s next movie is the supernatural thriller, “Bless the Child,” in which she plays a nurse who is unable to have a child. In real life, of course, Kim is the mother of a beautiful 2 1/2-year-old daughter called Ireland….Tim Robbins’s next is “Antitrust,” another thriller about a computer company and its magnetic founder and CEO, Tim. Ryan Philippe plays an idealistic young computer technology genius. So timely. So Zeitgeist-y. They’re hoping to heaven that that’s what flicks are for….

It was Paris in the Fifties, and she was a lovely young girl when she first met Man Ray, Rene Magritte, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst and his wife, Dorothea Tanning Ernst, who still lives in New York. Roz Gersten Jacobs entered this enchanted circle not realizing at the time that they were such legendary figures in the art world. She and Man Ray instantly clicked, she has said. He hit the young thing with such provocative remarks as, “There is no progress in art any more than there is in making love, there are simply different ways of doing it.” How could a girl forget a remark like that? Dear Man.
Whatever, Roz was hooked. Her friendship and partying with the famous group continued for decades in New York, Los Angeles, Mexico and back in Paris. In 1957, her bridegroom, the late Mel Jacobs, a noted New York retailer, joined the circle, and over the years the Jacobses kept in touch with the artists, bought their paintings, drawings and photographs and collected almost 150 items, so historically important that the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami borrowed every piece for a special exhibition: “Sweet Dreams and Nightmares: Dada and Surrealism from the Rosalind and Melvin Jacobs Collection.” At the opening night party, Roz’s art-loving friends came from all over — Jo Carole Lauder, Vera and Donald Blinken, Virginia Coleman, Jan Cowles, Harriette and Noel Levine, Kathy and Billy Rayner, Ellen Liman, Sandra Kasper, Roz’s daughter and son-in-law Peggy and Steven Learner, like that. The exhibition runs through May, so if you’re in the neighborhood….

Ambassador Angier Biddle Duke’s widow, Robin Chandler Duke, must resign from all the corporate boards of which she is a member now that she has been appointed our ambassador to Norway. One she regrets leaving is International Flavors and Fragrances, a creator of the scents of some of the world’s best-known perfumes, flavors and food products. Readers of the financial pages are aware that IFF now has a new chief executive officer, Richard Goldstein, a big man at Unilever who helped engineer its recent acquisition of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Maybe Robin can get her favorite flavor flown over to Oslo, you think?

Marisa Berenson, Ann Hearst, Allison and Peter Rockefeller, Betty Buckley, Perri Peltz, Jamie Niven and Tiffany Dubin will all yell “Surprise!” tomorrow night at Nolita’s, the latest hot entry on the North-of-Little-Italy restaurant scene. Except how much of a surprise is it when the birthday boy, William Woodward Bancroft, Billy for short, knows about the celebration already? His wife, Debbie, has asked all of the above friends and more to sing “Happy Birthday” to Billy and they’ve all said yes. I don’t have to tell you that Billy is related to all the right Woodwards and Bancrofts of the social swim.