“This is truly a beautiful room in New York,” Pat Buckley said Sunday night as dinner atop Christian Dior’s tower — hosted by Phillips Auction House to benefit Memorial Sloan-Kettering — was about to begin.
Many in the crowd hadn’t visited the Magic Room since John Galliano turned it into a disco a few months back, with Foxy Brown howling from the balcony and a mob stomping on the dance floor beneath her. This time, it looked more like a Provencal garden party.
“That’s what New York is about now,” Peter Bacanovic said. “I call it the merging of high and low.”
The evening began with a sneak preview of Phillips’s Impressionist and Modern auction. Coco Kopelman had her eye on the same Leger drawing that attracted Jacqueline Pugh.
“Several people told me, ‘You’ve turned this into a private little Guggenheim,”‘ said Katell le Bourhis, the adviser to Bernard Arnault, chairman of LVMH, which owns Phillips.
But throughout the night, the chatter inevitably returned to the subject of the heat.
“They told me twinsets and leather pants,” Jamee Gregory said. “But this calls for high summer.”
As dinner was about to let up, a thunderstorm broke and lightning flashed across the glass walls of the Magic Room.
“What are we going to do tomorrow at the ballet?” Bettina Zilkha wondered. “Ninety-degree heat and pouring rain. Where can I get a rubber dress?”