“Whenever you do Shakespeare, you feel like a student,” Ethan Hawke said Tuesday night at the New York premiere of “Hamlet.” “That is, unless you’re Kevin Klein or something.”
Hawke stars as the Danish prince in Michael Almereyda’s modern-day Manhattan version. “I love that Ophelia wears sneakers,” said Julia Stiles, who plays the doomed heroine. “She’s got a real club-kid baggy pants look going.”
Kyle MacLachlan, who’s also starring in eight upcoming episodes of “Sex in the City,” didn’t have any qualms about playing the part of the murderous king Claudius.
“I’m not bothered by revealing aspects of myself that aren’t very nice,” he said. “It’s a way of keeping people guessing about who I really am.”
The following night, Lisa Eisner brought the chuck wagon to the Polo Sport boutique in SoHo, where a legion of her East Coast friends came to celebrate her book “Rodeo Girl” — and, in some cases, to compete for the title.
“I’m a rodeo queen,” Nancy Jarecki declared, proudly displaying her western-print shirt as she approached Pia Getty.
“No, I’m a real rodeo queen,” Getty hurled back.
Those who survived the mini-burgers and mac ‘n’ cheese-sur-toast headed to Spa, where Cartier was celebrating the launch of its new watch, “21 de Cartier.”
While a crowd packed the dance floor, others, like Marjorie Gubelmann, partied from the sidelines. “I haven’t mastered the art of dancing to hip-hop — yet.”