Hot ticket: The May 11 opening of London’s Tate Modern gallery at Bankside is turning into the biggest party in town. Some of the 4,000 invited art devotees aren’t asking each other whether they’ve yet received their invitations, but whether they’ve sold them — scalpers are offering up to $1,500 for tickets. The event is expected to draw the likes of Madonna, Queen Elizabeth, Yoko Ono, Mick Jagger and most of the British art establishment. The Tate, not surprisingly, isn’t too keen on the scalping.

What’s up with Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles? The two jet off to cruise the Greek islands on the yacht of their friend John Latsis, but then Prince Charles slips off to spend a week at the all-male monasteries on Mount Athos and leaves Camilla behind on the boat. Aides said the prince’s monastic vacation is nothing unusual; it’s simply part of his continuing interest in all things spiritual and philosophical.

One of Los Angeles’s reigning nightlife impresarios, Sean MacPherson, is heading to New York. The man behind such haunts as Smalls, the Olive, Swingers and the Bar Marmont plans to open his first New York restaurant this fall at an unspecified downtown location. “I feel really good about this one,” he said. “You don’t always feel good about these things, but this one, definitely.”