As the camera started rolling, Spike Lee stepped aside to watch the action in his moviemaking booth at the seventh annual Kids for Kids Celebrity Carnival at New York’s Industria Studio.
“It’s Indiana Jones,” Lee said, pointing to the group of little girls digging through a treasure chest. “A bit of swashbuckling and very minimal direction from me.”
Downstairs, Glenn Close worked the bowl-a-rama, while Betsey Johnson played football and Diane Von Furstenberg and Barry Diller refereed a game of shuffleboard.
“It’s so nice to wear dirty clothes to a benefit,” said Jennifer Bartlett, who’d rounded up a group of artists — among them Francesco Clemente, Helen Marden and Matthew Barney — to run a painting studio for the kids.
When Fran Lebowitz walked in to join them, she held up a polaroid by Chuck Close, who was in the next room shooting hyperrealist portraits of the kids.
“I cut in front of all the children,” she joked.
“I want to give them the first piece in their art collection,” Close said about the portraits he was taking of the kids. “Art’s like church: If you start them young, they keep coming back.”
Meanwhile, Chloe Sevigny had taken charge of the hula hoop booth. Though the game involved tossing the hoops onto hooks, Sevigny preferred to use them the old fashioned way.
“I did do a bit of hula-hooping when I first got here,” she admitted.
The party closed when Destiny’s Child stormed the stage to sing their new hit, “Say My Name.” Donna Karan rushed to the foot of the stage and waved her arms like a groupie.
A few nights earlier in Paris, Brazilian party maestro Homero Machry threw open the doors of his eponymous restaurant-cum-club in honor of the 30th birthdays of Princess Leila Pahlavi, Arabelle Reille and Vanessa von Litzewitz.
Dressed all in red, the trio blew out their candles before lighting up the dance floor to a salsa rendition of “Happy Birthday.”