NEW YORK — The Commerce Department late last month decided to impose anti-dumping duties on all Taiwanese polyester fiberfill imports.
That decision expanded an earlier ruling in which the department had opted not to impose duties on imports by Nan Ya Corp., a Taiwan-based producer of synthetic fibers that also has a U.S. base of operations in Lake City, S.C.
Nan Ya’s imports of polyester fiberfill into the U.S. will now be subject to a 5.7 percent anti-dumping duty. Imports by Far Eastern Textiles Ltd., another Taiwanese producer of polyester, will remain subject to a previously announced 9.5 percent duty, as reported. All other Taiwanese imports of polyester fiberfill will continue to face a 7.5 percent duty.
Dumping — defined as selling a product overseas for less than its price in its home country or selling a product for less than it costs to produce — is considered unfair trade practice under World Trade Organization rules and U.S. law. While Taiwan is not a WTO member, the U.S. is free to impose duties under its own legal code.
These duties are the result of a complaint brought last year by U.S. producers of polyester fiberfill against South Korean and Taiwanese manufacturers of polyester fiberfill. Anti-dumping duties are equal to the cost difference between the overseas price and the U.S. price.
The current complainants are DuPont, Intercontinental Polymers Inc., KoSa and Wellman Inc. Nan Ya Plastics Corp., America, the U.S. subsidiary of the Taiwan-owned company, had initially been a complainant only in the South Korean case, but dropped out of the complaint entirely in the fall.
Commerce’s reversal was prompted by errors in its initial calculations, according to the attorneys for the complainants, Washington law firm Collier, Shannon, Scott.
The department has also imposed 8 percent duties on South Korean producers Sam Young and Geum Poong, and 11 percent on all other South Korean producers.
Polyester fiberfill, a form of polyester staple, is used as insulation in a variety of products, including winter apparel and home furnishings.