Byline: Vicki M. Young

NEW YORK — EBeauty Inc., the first business-to-business e-marketplace for the beauty industry, is set to launch May 9.
The brainchild of founders and co-chief executive officers Carolyn Callahan and Juliana Khalifeh, eBeauty is a B2B Internet portal that allows eBeauty spa and salon affiliate access, via a single site, to several suppliers of products, equipment, services and information. The network was designed to help consolidate the fragmented $70 billion beauty industry by providing a single-source solution for the business needs of spas and salons.
According to Khalifeh, “There are over 200,000 spas and salons worldwide. In the U.S. alone, spas spend an average of $80,000 each year on their orders for products and equipment.” The process, she added, is costly and time-consuming. Besides the spas and day spas, many salons are smaller nail care boutiques and specialty hair-treatment centers.
Firms are able to sell their services online through the site’s gift certificate program, purchase from multiple suppliers through a single order and payment process, obtain information on the latest products and spa treatments online, and receive discounts on computer purchases and training.
“Many spas are [essentially] small businesses with their own unique product lines. EBeauty enables them to be competitive outside of their geographic location both in the U.S. and overseas,” Khalifeh noted.
Because the company will aggregate its users’ orders to suppliers, affiliates may be able to order merchandise without meeting vendor minimum-quantity requirements.
The company’s site will include an auction section for used equipment, Callahan said, noting that the company has an arrangement with Compaq Computers that allows affiliates to purchase plug-and-play computer systems set up with the requisite eBeauty access software at a discount. Other strategic partners include Microsoft Strategic Marketing, Cisco Systems and OneSoft OneCommerce.
Although the site is primarily a B2B, consumers can check part of the site to view informational content online, as well as to purchase gift certificates. EBeauty can also help businesses set up Web sites at the eBeauty portal.
The firm’s fulfillment operation is in New Jersey.