TALBOTS’ ROLE MODEL: Who better to understand the ins and outs of futuristic dressing than Jane Jetson, the perky wife of beleaguered space-age businessman George Jetson?
So Talbots, the specialty store and catalog retailer, is using Jane Jetson to lead customers to its Internet site, via a $1 million ad campaign that will break Thursday in newspapers and online via selected Web sites and search engines. The campaign was developed by Arnold Communications in Boston. Ads will feature a picture of Jane Jetson with the tag line, “Remember how she just pressed a button and got a complete outfit? Guess what? Introducing Talbots.com.”

SHOP EASY: “Retailers aren’t happy about e-commerce, and the first thing they think when they hear us is that we’re another shopping site,” said Inshop.com founder and chief executive officer Veronique Bardach. But Bardach said she was actually trying to use her site, a shopping guide, to drive consumers into the stores.
One way she wants to do that is by setting up personal calendars for registered Inshop.com shoppers to alert them when there’s a special event in a store near them. “It’s become a world of events, but there’s no way to keep track of everything,” said Bardach. “People tune things out.”
Bardach said she was also working with stores on doing events for new designers who might be having trouble finding an audience. “They would commit to the time, the location and the inventory, and we will give them advertising and promotion for free,” said Bardach.