MONTREAL — As part of an image makeover to get away from weekly promotions, the Bay plans to launch between three and six new private labels this fall to replace the 50 or so it currently offers.
The Toronto-based department store chain has also hired a new marketing head to create a new look for the 330-year-old company. Neil Fedun, who was a marketing vice president at Federated Department Stores in New York, assumes the top marketing position at the Bay today.
The Bay is currently testing a number of labels and price points to attract more upscale shoppers, according to company spokesman Rob Moore.
“The labels will probably be in the moderate price range, and we’re not ruling out including some of our existing labels. It’s part of an articulated strategy of making the Bay a style and fashion destination.”
The Bay also announced that Gary D’Andrea has been appointed vice president of finance, also effective today.
The moves come as the 99 Bay stores across Canada prepare to face off against revived Eaton stores. Sears Canada recently acquired the T. Eaton Co. and 16 key locations across the country. Some of the locations will be converted to Sears stores to allow the retailer to enter new markets. Others in downtown locations where Sears has never had a presence will be renovated and reformatted to compete against the Bay.