The cream of the Park Avenue crop ordered their drivers to Astor Place Wednesday night when their downtown sisters Alexandra Shiva and Ginny Bond Donahue hosted a benefit at the Public Theater on Lafayette Street.
Performers from the musical “Bring in ‘Da Noise, Bring in ‘Da Funk,” which originated at the Public pounded the floor in a tap-dance greeting.
After dinner, and Sandra Bernhard’s performance of “The Age of Aquarius” from “Hair” — another Public production, about 30 years ago — the gang poured downstairs to the best-known corner of the building, Joe’s Pub.
At several points, Shiva reminded her night-crawler friends how the hot spot got it’s name.
“It’s Joe’s, as in Joseph Papp,” she said, “and Pub, as in Public.”
The next night, Valesca Guerrand-Hermes, Pia Getty, Rena Sindi, Eva Lorenzotti, Mariane Pompidou and Lisa McFadden strolled through the Christie’s showroom, where Dom Perignon hosted a small preview of the upcoming sale of Karl Lagerfeld’s collection of 18th-century paintings.
During dinner at one long table for 40 in the boardroom, the vineyard’s chef de cave, Richard Geoffroy, stood to lead his guests through a tasting of the 1985 vintage.
“You notice the buttery, honey, smoky flavors,” he said, looking up and down the table. “You did notice them, didn’t you?”
“Yes,” replied 40 eager voices, as if it were the first day of class at Le Rosey.
“Don’t disappoint me,” he joked.
Later, Geoffroy’s dinner partner, Jane Lauder, turned to him and asked if the champagne master ever tires of his prize product.
“I have always considered Dom Perignon something for special occasions,” he said diplomatically, midway through a blitzkrieg marketing week that had him hosting dinners every single night, Monday through Friday.
“On Saturday, I want sushi and a beer.”