“The ’73, the ’73,” Kadee Robbins murmured as she headed toward the champagne table.
Her mantra was echoed by hordes of partygoers Tuesday night, when Ginny Bond Donahue and Candace Bushnell co-hosted a party in LVMH’s Magic Room to uncork Oenotheque, Dom Perignon’s hidden cache of prized vintages.
When the guests, including Blaine and Robert Trump, Star Jones, Will Cotton, Emilia Fanjul Jr., Judy Peabody, Eliza Reed and Gigi Mortimer, descended the staircase, they were handed a glass, or two or three, of the 1992. Then it was on to the 1985, and finally, the 1973.
Except for Lulu de Kwiatkowski, who seemed to have a different strategy.
“If you do it in reverse order you stay sober for the best bottle. But after a few glasses,” she said, laughing, “you could mix it with water and no one would notice the difference.”
Then Bettina Zilkha, Alexandra Shiva, Patricia Herrera and a few others who weren’t already under the table headed over to Sotheby’s, where Serena Boardman and Jane Lauder hosted a dinner to preview the Contemporary Art auction.
A little group that got a bit too close to the giant ocher Rothko was pushed aside by security, but it may already have been too late.
“You’ve got yellow on your behind,” Alexandra Von Furstenberg joked as one overeager art lover scuttled out of the way.
After dinner, the Sotheby’s staff closed up shop in order to prepare for the next day’s auction.
“We’re being kicked out, and I wanted to have an all-nighter,” Kalliope Karella moaned.
But then Rena Sindi asked the $50,000 question.
“To Moomba or not to Moomba?”