Byline: Melanie Kletter

NEW YORK — It’s time to be scene.
As in B’Scene Ltd., the junior sportswear firm that bowed in March and just started shipping this month.
The New York-based company’s first collection features item-driven, trendy looks such as long skirts, boot-cut pants, pleather and shiny twill pants and skirts, bell and fringe-sleeves, cut-out tops and bottoms, and acrylic and cotton knit sweaters. Fabrics also include moleskin, stretch corduroy and printed satin.
“The concept is fashion at a competitive price with a quick turnaround,” said Alan Madoff, president of the firm, who was formerly a vice president of sales at Jonathan Martin. “We are manufacturing in the New York area, so we can see what is working and turn it quickly.”
He described the target customer as a trend-conscious woman aged 16 to 28.
Products will be sold under both the B’Scene and B’Hip labels, and the line carries wholesale prices of $8 to $14 for tops and bottoms.
Madoff said the firm, housed in 1407 Broadway in New York, is targeting department stores and specialty store chains.