The sub-Saharan Africa-Caribbean Basin trade bill provides for use of 250 million square meter equivalents of knit fabric made in the Caribbean Basin to be used in underwear receiving duty-free breaks each year. In addition, 4.2 million dozen outerwear T-shirts made of regional fabric can be imported duty free on an annual basis. The limits increase in subsequent years. The legislation, passed by Congress last week also allows brassieres made in the region of non-U.S. fabric to receive duty breaks as long as a company uses, in a year’s time, a total of 75 percent U.S. fabric in the imported bras.
These figures were incorrectly reported in a story beginning on page one, May 12.

Pinky Vaid is senior sales executive at the accessories firm Fantasia. Vaid was incorrectly identified in a story on page 20, May 15.