“What do you think?” Ian Schrager asked partygoer after partygoer at last Tuesday’s bash at his new Sanderson Hotel in London.
Schrager, who threw open the doors to benefit Sargent Cancer Care for Children, was as excited as a kid at Christmas and even got dressed up for the occasion, passing over his signature chinos.
“I had to go out and buy a new suit,” he said, fingering the navy Armani threads.
The party drew the likes of Lady Helen and Tim Taylor, Cosima Pavoncelli, Prince Kyril and Princess Rosario of Bulgaria, Princess Dora and Manfredi della Gherardesca, Jade Jagger and Dan MacMillan and Alexander McQueen and kicked off a week of celebrations in London surrounding the opening of the Tate Modern gallery.
The party was the pregnant Madonna’s only appearance of the week, and she arrived with her boyfriend, father-to-be Guy Ritchie.
The Sanderson seemed to impress La Ciccone, who came back the next day to spend a few hours pumping iron at the hotel gym.