Looking for a pick-me-up for yourself and your home? Om for the Home on Oak Street professes to offer both. The store, which opened in October, is billed as a “spa for the spirit,” says Margaret Harris, a founder.
“Our base is meditation and inner work,” explains Harris, who is an interior designer. “We thought we’d integrate my background in the five senses with the sixth sense.”
To that end, the store sells San Francisco-made linens wrapped in bands of lavender (lavender is the house scent); bed throws made from saris, private-label tea, chocolate truffles infused with lavender and honey, and its own lavender-glycerin soap.
“We don’t have things you can buy everywhere,” Harris says. “We’ve made an effort do something different.”
For care of the soul, Om for the Home offers meditation rooms, meditation lessons and massage. Due to great demand, the store now offers more massage options than it did in the beginning, Harris notes. Prenatal massage done with essential oils and “yogassage,” a combination of stretching, bodywork and yoga positioning done by Nicole Ohme, are most popular.
In addition, three teachers hold hatha yoga classes. Harris helps clients with feng shui, her specialty, and Julie Fedeli, an energy healer who patterns her work after that of Barbara Brennan, also practices at the store.
Harris and her business partner, Michael Leppen, hope to expand the business to California in the near future, though in Zen-like fashion, they’re not in any hurry.
“Our facility is small, and we don’t want to be bigger in another place,” she says. “We don’t want [expansion] to be premature.”
Om for the Home is on the fifth floor at 34 East Oak Street and is open Monday through Saturday. Phone 312-397-9181, or visit its Web site, omforthehome.com.