Byline: Jennifer Weil

PARIS — Nino Cerruti thinks he has captured the image of today’s woman.
The Italian fashion company’s fragrance business, licensed to Elizabeth Arden, is introducing Cerruti Image Woman in September. Its launch comes two years after Cerruti Image for men hit the shelves here.
“[The masterbrand] could be considered as the second step of a trilogy,” said Cerruti from his headquarters here, explaining the Cerruti 1881 duo constituted the first phase, while the third one “will be Julian’s.”
Julian is Cerruti’s 27-year-old son, who helped him conceive Image Woman. Currently head of marketing, image and public relations, he is clearly learning the ropes before ultimately taking the company’s reins.
“The fragrance is meant to give a message of harmony,” he said of the scent, whose core audience is women aged 25 to 40 — slightly younger than that for 1881 — who can deftly juggle contemporary life.
This sense of balance is supposed to be embodied in everything from the green spicy aromatic juice, concocted by Firmenich, through the packaging and the ad campaign. Image Woman’s top notes include naturals like crushed leaves, grapefruit and black pepper; an “urban” heart that features carbon and a base that includes notes of row leather, amber, blond wood and birch bark.
“I think this feminine fragrance is earthy, while the men’s was airy,” Cerruti said. “It creates the right contrast.”
The ad campaign, due to break in fall magazines, posters, TV and theaters with 10-, 15-, 20- and 30-second spots designed by Ogilvy & Mather and shot by Satoshi Saikusa, is also meant to play on dualities. It features the silhouette of a woman in an urban landscape who is planting a giant tulip in the concrete. The tag line reads “create your dreams.”
“She is an active woman doing something to make a mark in her life,” said Gabriele Pungerscheg, vice president of European fragrance marketing at Arden.
Meanwhile, the ad for the men’s scent shows a man standing on a platform with his arms outspread with the tag line “I’m Flying.”
Image’s September rollout is the brand’s first worldwide launch. “The brand is strong enough to cope with that,” said Pungerscheg, who said in the U.S. the men’s scent is in the top 20 in doors where it is carried.
In the U.S., Image Woman will be introduced in about 10,000 doors, including Federated stores, Marshall Field and Sephora, among others.
While Arden executives declined to comment, industry sources estimate the scent could generate some $35 million at wholesale in the first year.
The bottle was developed by French bottle designer Thierry de Baschmakoff. As in the men’s packaging, it features a silver tab top and a glass bottle with words etched in the frosted bottom half, but the shape was elongated to fit more comfortably in a woman’s hand, and the top is more feminine.
There will be about 12 million 3.7-ml. miniatures and 30 million scent strips distributed in stores and through magazines at launch.
Image Woman is available in a 30-ml., 50-ml. and 100-ml. eau de toilette spray; 75-ml. edt purse spray and 75-ml. refill; a deodorant, body lotion, and bath and shower gel. In France, prices range from $24 for the bath and shower gel to $57.50 for the 75-ml. eau de toilette spray.