Karaoke is back. (Just ask Rena Sindi, Caroline Berthet and Yasmine Bleeth, who belted out “Fame” last Monday night at Moomba.) But maybe it never left.
When Russell Steinberg, Audrey Bernstein and Diesel brought their famous karaoke party to the West Coast, old friends and a slew of Hollywood hopefuls packed into the Derby to experience the magic.
“In L.A.,” Ione Skye explained, “things seem to be a little less drunken fun and a lot more ‘Star Search.’ “
“It’s a totally different scene. It’s like everybody’s out here hoping to get signed,” mused Sara Gilbert as she eyed the crowd of vaguely familiar faces shuffling past curtained banquettes, trying to confirm rumors that Leonardo DiCaprio might take the stage.
DiCaprio never showed, but when Tatiana Von Furstenberg (in her ninth month of pregnancy and not the least bit interested in a record contract) joined Russell Steinberg onstage to sing Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll,” they stole the show.
Diane Von Furstenberg sat wedged in the audience cheering for her daughter.
“I really came to see the baby. We thought she might have it right there on the stage,” she laughed.
“I think Tatiana and Russell’s duet made my year,” said Samantha Kluge, who sat with Richie Birkenhead, Wendy Benson and Michael Landes.
Skye offered an explanation for the party’s appeal.
“It’s everybody’s fantasy. It’s like when Georgia O’Keeffe was asked why she painted, and she responded, ‘I paint because I can’t sing.’ “
Back in New York, Dance Theatre of Harlem kicked off its collaboration with New York City Ballet, and Helen and Tim Schifter threw a party at Serena where the talk centered around new digs.
Ellen and Scott Sassa just bought Vincent Price’s old lair, Pia Getty’s renting Chuck Scarborough’s place, Gigi and Avie Mortimer are taking the Roosevelt house in Locust Valley and Elizabeth and Adam Lindemann will be at Duane Hampton’s in Southampton.
“Musical houses,” Schifter joked.