ON SECOND THOUGHT: Both of the upscale Internet shopping magazines that were supposed to help surfers find the best buys have switched gears.
Yahoo Internet Life’s eShopper, which made its debut in May as a separate publication, will be folded back into the Yahoo Internet schedule and will become a “13th issue,” according to a spokeswoman.
“The advertisers will get a bigger bang for the buck with eShopper as a 13th issue, because Yahoo Internet Life has a guaranteed circulation of one million,” said a Yahoo Internet Life spokeswoman. eShopper had an initial print run of 400,000 with guaranteed circulation under 300,000.
The second magazine, eShopping, was in development by Larkin Publications of Needham, Mass,. and was slated to launch this month. However, it has reportedly been canceled. A.J. Larkin, an owner at the publishing company, could not be reached for comment.

INTERNET MODE: Marie-Christiane Marek is going virtual. The host of France’s popular fashion television program “Paris Mode” plans to launch a version of her program on the Internet in November. “It will be similar in spirit, but not in content to my current show,” she said. The site, still unnamed, will feature Marek interviewing designers, providing style tips and commentating fashion shows, with dubbed versions in English and Japanese.

EASE ONLINE: Finlay Enterprises is making its first foray into e-commerce. The largest operator of leased fine jewelry areas in U.S. department stores said Thursday it has an agreement with gift site 1-800-Flowers.com. Finlay will sell a broad assortment of watches, diamonds, 14-karat gold, and precious, semiprecious and cultured pearl jewelry online.
The goods will be available, beginning in October, both at that Web site and via the toll-free number 1-800-Flowers. Finlay will merchandise the jewelry department online and will fulfill orders from its distribution center.
Finlay does not now operate a transactional Web site and has no plans to mount one anytime soon, Bruce Zurlnick, senior vice president and chief financial officer, said Thursday. “Just like in the brick-and-mortar world, we plan to lease space online,” he said. “This is our first step.”
“We hope to partner online with some of our existing brick-and-mortar store clients, like Bloomingdales.com, this fall,” Zurlnick added. “People don’t know us as Finlay; they know our areas in the department stores. After watching what’s happened in the last year online, we’re content to do it this way for now.”

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