Byline: Leonard McCants

NEW YORK — Look out, Martha. Watch your back, B. Smith.
Los Angeles-based designer Bradley Bayou is staking out your turf with a new how-to style program to air six times a week on cable’s Lifetime network in the fall.
Tentatively called “Do It with Style,” each 30-minute episode will feature Bayou and other style mavens, such as chefs, florists and interior designers, helping viewers to host parties, stage weddings or cook romantic dinners.
But unlike Martha Stewart’s over-the-top place settings and extravagant meals, Bayou said his show, which he is also executive producing, will be more realistic.
“It’s all done within the context of their budget and their time frame,” he said. “We don’t go in there, put on the event and leave; they do it themselves. It’s like Martha in reality.”
For the pilot, Bayou, a chef and an interior designer, helped Mary Lou, a third-grade teacher and mother of three, to prepare a romantic dinner for her and her husband with a budget of $100. At the end of program, she had prepared a three-course meal, including oysters on the half-shell, stuffed shrimp, and asparagus, with corn bread and a dessert of strawberries dipped in chocolate.
The show premieres Oct. 16 with a 40- show commitment. Production starts at the end of this month.
But don’t expect Bayou to become a television star and forget about designing his signature gowns, suits and eveningwear.
“I ain’t giving it up,” he promised. “I’ve worked too hard at it.”

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