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This is the big news in Southampton — news, not gossip, you quidnuncs, you. The Parrish Art Museum’s Midsummer Gala, one of the resort’s most anticipated events of the season, is set for July 15 in the museum’s arboretum. The prestigious celebration that attracts hundreds of guests will, for the first time, be dedicated to an individual, philanthropist Carroll Petrie, a Life Trustee of the Parrish.
The highlight of the evening will be the announcement of the Carroll Petrie Foundation’s $3 million gift, the largest-ever individual donation, for the purchase and renovation of the Rogers Memorial Library, located adjacent to the museum, the purpose being to expand its facilities. With the donation, the Parrish will restore the historic 1893 library and establish an innovative public art education center to be named the Carroll Petrie Center for Education at the Parrish Art Museum. There would be no point in naming it anything other than for this woman, whose philanthropies are extensive, who serves on the boards of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, the Metropolitan Museum and the Margaret Thatcher and Prince of Wales Foundations and who has been decorated by the governments of Spain and Israel. Brava.

Shakira and Michael Caine — Sir Michael and Lady Caine, if you must give them their due — were in Los Angeles together for a few days while Michael took some time off from making “Miss Congeniality” in Austin, Tex., with Sandra Bullock and Benjamin Bratt. Now Shakira’s in London, and Michael’s back in Austin, but both of them will be in New York together when “Miss Congeniality” films here at the end of July. Pretty exciting, that.
Wanting to be first in line, veritable legions of friends from around the world are already packing for the Caines’ daughter Natasha’s London wedding on Sept. 9 to Tim Scott. The ceremony will take place in St. Luke’s Church in Chelsea with a reception after at the Hyde Park Hotel. It’s hard to believe, but the story goes that some of the guests are learning to curtsy because they think now that Michael has been knighted, one is required to bow before him. Who are these nuts?
Bridegroom-to-be Tim Scott, as you read here, is a partner in Fluid, London’s three sizzling hot juice bars. (The bars, not the juice.) Fluid gets its produce from the gardens of Prince Charles’s Highgrove estate, and you should know that Tim’s partner, Ben Elliot, is Camilla Parker Bowles’s first cousin — their mothers are sisters. Natasha met Tim when she walked into one of the bars to get her “wheat juice.” Tim served it to her himself. Love, your magic spell is everywhere.

Bjork, the international song star, is making her movie debut in “Dancer in the Dark,” due from Fine Line in the fall. No giggles here. It’s the story of a single mother, a Czech immigrant working in a factory in rural America. She has a sad secret: She’s losing her eyesight. As I noted, no chuckles here.
Bjork’s co-star is Catherine Deneuve, who plays her best friend and protector at the factory, her good looks not really disguised by her worker’s wardrobe as she sings and dances, dueting with Bjork in their takeoffs on famous Hollywood musicals. Is that the fun part?

Cutesy Natasha Lyonne, who wants to be a big star — don’t they all? — was snapped up for the comedy “Plan B,” starring Diane Keaton. And funny lady Nora Dunn will do two flicks for MGM, “Breakers” with Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt and “What’s the Worst That Could Happen?” with Danny DeVito and Martin Lawrence. “Breakers” is about a mother-daughter con team that marries and divorces rich men for big settlements. Anyone we know, darlings? The silly men probably think it’s because they’re totally irresistible, hahaha. On the other hand, “What’s the Worst That Could Happen?” is being described as a barrel of laughs, hahahahaha.

In “Cecil B. Demented,” Melanie Griffith plays a spoiled Hollywood A-list movie queen, given to star-fits and tantrums, who is kidnapped by a lunatic underground cult moviemaker and his fanatical followers to star in their “ultimate reality” no-budget movie. Brainwashed and given an alarming fashion makeover, Melanie and her youthful new look and performance win raves from new fans. She’s so thrilled silly by the whole thing, she grows to sympathize with her kamikaze captors and willingly joins their cause. Nothing like the good old Stockholm Syndrome. Stephen Dorff plays the insane director, Cecil B. Demented, in this, surprise, John Waters movie.

Oh, and Universal’s “Bring It On” is said to be a fun look at fear and loathing in the cheerleading world, starring Kirsten Dunst as a squad captain. In this lovely environment, there’s as much back-stabbing as there are back-flips. You go, girlies! The hair, the hair, the hair!

For those dying to know how Hillary Clinton managed to change from Oscar de la Renta’s lemon silk shantung pantsuit into his flowing yellow dressy pants and jacket in the Hamptons the weekend before last, here’s the answer to your burning question: Hill was there for a friend’s wedding with only minutes between her last photo-op and the ceremony. Designer Dennis Basso, who has made her beautiful cashmere and silk shawls and coats, set aside the guest suite in his Water Mill house so the First Lady could pull off a quick change — something she’s had a lot of practice doing in Washington. After the little lunch Dennis gave in a big tent to introduce her to the local faithful, Hill announced she’ll be back later this month, quicker than you can say Rick Lazio. You bet.

Libby Pataki, Kimberly Rockefeller, Muffie Potter Aston and Pauline Baker Pitt were just a few of those who wished Karen LeFrak “Happy Birthday” at a luncheon at Doubles, the private club on Fifth Avenue. Everyone wore pastels and summer jewelry to herald the new season. They nibbled on lobster salad and laughed appreciatively at the whimsical poem Adair Beutel had composed for the occasion. They are, after all, ladies.

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