Byline: Alev Aktar

NEW YORK — Origins executives have spent the last year evaluating how the brand has evolved since it was introduced 10 years ago.
The conclusion: While Origins still has “green” positioning, the focus has moved from the environment to the consumer.
As a result, the new initiatives this fall, which include both merchandising and products, are geared to shoppers and their wellness.
In August, the company will unveil a new open-sell treatment wall organized by skin type. “The objective was to make skin care just as easy to understand as bath and body,” explained Lynne Greene, senior vice president and general manager. Products are grouped for sensitive, oily, dry and combination skins, and within each of those categories they are lined up by use. For example, the assortment starts with cleansers and ends with eye products.
On the product front, Origins will introduce Matte Scientist Oil Controlling Lotion and Oil Refiner Skin Purifying Tonic in September.
Matte Scientist is a lightweight gel formulated to hydrate oily skin at the same time it stabilizes the production of sebum. It contains phlorogine to minimize shine, sage to purify and jewelweed nectar to sooth irritation, and will retail for $19.50 for a 1.7-oz. bottle.
Meanwhile, Oil Refiner Skin Purifying Tonic is a two-phase toner for oily skin. The top phase is a clear plant infusion while the bottom one is made of natural White China Clay. The toner is said to make pores appear smaller and even skin tone, according to Roberta Weiss, vice president of global marketing. Other key ingredients are phlorogine, sage, tourmaline and glucosamine. The tonic will be priced at $16.50 for a 5-oz. bottle.
Greene would like to see double-digit growth in facial skin care this year. Although she declined to talk numbers, sources say that the category could generate $50 million at retail in the first 12 months.
Finally, Origins is introducing Tealights Color-Boosting Shampoo, which deposits a light veil of color on natural and processed hair. Each shampoo is formulated with herbal teas and essential oils, and the line is composed of Black Chai for black hair, Rose Hips Tea for redheads, Ginger Tea for brunettes, Verbena Leaf Tea for blonds and Cherry Bark Tea for auburn hair. Users are instructed to leave the shampoo on for two to three minutes and repeat for more vibrant color. Tealights is priced at $16.50 for a 150-ml. tube.
The shampoos could reportedly generate $750,000 at retail in the first 12 months after their September launch.
“We’re ranked second in the prestige hair category now,” said Greene, who declined to comment on the sales projection. “It’s time to stimulate that segment of the business and this is not a product that has been seen in a department store.”
All of the new products will be featured in Origins’s new magalog — a cross between a magazine and a catalog — to be published in October. It will contain editorial and product news.
The magalog will be distributed in stores and mailed to customers.

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