Byline: Janet Ozzard

NEW YORK — Beauty retailer Cosmetics Plus is opting out of its partnership with and instead has hooked up with, a San Francisco-based e-tailer with a site featuring hundreds of drugstore-type stockkeeping units.
“More[.com]’s expertise in Internet marketing made them far better than what we have been able to do with our current partner,” said Toby Bartosh, a founder and the president of The CosmeticsPlus Group Ltd. The retailer has 22 stores in the New York region. She said was going in a different direction that was less compatible with a women’s beauty Web site.
“More[.com] was a better fit for us,” she said. “We will have a much better site in terms of customer service. What they can do technically is incredible.”
Cosmetics Plus will keep its own Web address,, and will continue to handle fulfillment and inventory. The site will continue to run during the transition, and Bartosh said the only disruption might be that the company wouldn’t put new features on the pages for a few weeks.
In the next few months, both and Cosmetics Plus will start a marketing blitz intended to drive customers to the Web site.
“We’ll certainly be using our stores to the fullest extent,” said Bartosh. There will also be ads and billboards.
Bartosh said executives haven’t yet hashed out how Cosmetics Plus will appear on the Web site, but there will be a link on the cover page. However, Cosmetics Plus will redesign its Web site utilizing’s technology.
“The architecture will be clearer,” said Bartosh. “But it will be much easier than starting from scratch. The way I see it, it’s like we have a roomful of furniture already, and we’re just rearranging it.”

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