Byline: Aileen Mehle

That hostess of note, blonde and so good-looking Mrs. John (Lauren) Veronis, put on her green silk bustier and her black silk pants, probably the tightest pair Christian Lacroix ever designed — perfect for a party. So she and her husband gave one, a big dinner at their far-flung Southhampton place on the ocean, one of the greatest houses in a resort filled with great houses. And with a superb chef to match.
“It’s really a simple house,” says Lauren, a maitresse de maison of the first water. Simple? Simply luxurious is more like it.
The Veronises gave the party for their houseguests, former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and his wife, Mila, and James Hoge and his wife, Kathy, such a charming foursome. Everyone who is anyone was there — Marie-Josee and Henry Kravis (she wore an asymmetrical silver-gray satin blouse, pants as tight as Lauren’s and a silver-gray beaded rose designed by Carolina Herrera at her decolletage); Nancy and Henry Silverman; Gigi and Roone Arledge; Kati Marton and Richard Holbrooke; Saz and Livio Borghese; Liz and Damon Mezzacappa; Dixon Boardman; Lionel Pincus; Judy and Alfred Taubman; Lauren’s darling daughter Perri Peltz of your TV and mine with her husband, Eric Ruttenberg; the Spanish Duke de Lugo, married to a daughter of the King and Queen of Spain, and last, but never least, the Mulroney’s lovely daughter Caroline and her fiance, Andrew Lapham. They will marry on Sept. 16 in Montreal at a simple wedding with a simple dinner and reception afterwards for 450 guests. Simply fabulous, that is. But more of this when the ceremony draws closer.

All In The Family: Clint Eastwood took some time off from filming his new movie, “Space Cowboys” — it opens next month and co-stars Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland and James Garner — to do a cuddly photo shoot with his family on his private golf course in Carmel, Calif. He waltzed on the green with his wife, Dina, and playfully tossed their three-year-old daughter, Morgan, into the air. Caught her, too. The three of them just happened to be wearing Clint’s new spring line of sportswear by Tehama for which his wife just happens to be the spokesperson and model and which just happens to be the name of Clint’s club in Carmel. All the clothes tags will have the Eastwoods’ pictures on them. Just in case you just happen to forget who they are.

Celebrity Ceramics: Stepping up to the plate, hahaha, to support Barbara Davis’s Carousel of Hope star-studded gala at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills on Oct. 28 is a crowd of celebrity brushmeisters, each eager to hand-paint one of the more than two dozen plates to be sold at the evening’s silent auction. Among the amateur artists are such creators (?) as Antonio Banderas, who designed a blue-and-white-checked plate, George Clooney, whose offering is a self-portrait (get him!), Melanie Griffith, Nicolas Cage, Sir Michael Caine, Angela Bassett, Courtney Love and her daughter, Frances (don’t go there), and even Jack Nicholson. Also adding their artistic flair to various and sundry ceramics are Whoopi Goldberg, artist Robert Graham, Anjelica Huston, Sidney Poitier, Salma Hayek, Billy Bob Thornton, Courteney Cox Arquette — and who’s left? Color Me Mine, the arts and crafts company, is providing the plates, brushes and oven firings under the tightest security because the celebrities’ plates are considered to be “priceless.” Catch me, I’m falling. Whatever — the charitable extravaganza, Barbara and Marvin Davis’s greatest project, has raised nearly $50 million to fight juvenile diabetes since its inception 14 years ago. Oh, and this year’s featured guest is Ricky Martin, who will, of course, quiver and quake, swivel and shake and bump and grind all over the ballroom.

Speaking of auctions, Anne Randolph Hearst and Princess Yasmin Aga Khan are working together once again to raise monies to help preserve the endangered treasures of San Simeon, the vast California castle built by Anne’s grandfather, the media baron William Randolph Hearst, in the long-ago years when he was the publishing king of the walk. This fund-raiser is set for Aug. 18 in Southampton, where 80 couples will dine on the terrace of Marina and Francesco Galesi’s huge oceanfront pile, sort of WRH-ish itself. Expected are such avid preservationists as Cornelia Guest, Kimberly and Steven Rockefeller, Joanne de Guardiola, Cliff Robertson, Pandora Duke Biddle, Patty and Marty Raynes, Anne Eisenhower Flottl and Wolfgang Flottl and others of their ilk. All hands will have a chance to bid on baubles from jewelers Harry Winston, Hollis Reh & Sharif, David Yurman, plus Hearst Castle’s own reproductions of its antique rugs and sculptures. Heavenly — but I can wait if you can.

Southampton is crawling with parties in search of a theme. This isn’t easy. Everything’s been done and redone. In spite of that, Ann and Arnold Jurdem are trying a Good Neighbor/South of the Border fling at their house tonight. The food will be authentic Mexican, there will be mini-pinatas at the center of every brightly colored, candle-lit table and Los Bustamantas Grupo, a four-man mariachi band, will play their corazones out. In short, the whole enchilada. A taco for your thoughts.

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