NEW YORK — Who are the hot spokesmodels in the cosmetics industry?
Each month, it seems that every magazine is filled with a slew of new actresses and singers who have been signed on to represent the latest lipsticks, shampoos and skin care products. Sure, Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington are still around, but where are the other models?
In this issue, Laura Klepacki looks at the trend and how it is impacting the mass market. The competition to sign these young women has intensified, and it has certainly caused ad budgets to rise.
Sephora doesn’t have a spokesmodel, but it does have dozens of brands featured in an open-sell environment. In this issue’s At the Counter, Cassandra Chiacchio and Nicole Catanese visited four of New York’s five Sephora’s to see how they measure up service-wise.
While playing with one of the computer terminals in the World Trade Center Sephora, they uncovered the Sephora Promise — a sort of credo that outlines what the customer experience should be. Did Sephora live up to the promise? Check out page 16.
Bobbi Brown has been busy. Not only did she expand her cosmetics company earlier this year with a new line called ColorOptions, but she found time to write her second book. Targeted at teens, this book features a ton of advice on everything from makeup to zits to dealing with parents who won’t let their daughters wear makeup. Do such parents still exist? Brown was even brave enough to include some pictures from her teen days.
Sue Devitt and Ji Baek aren’t as established as Bobbi Brown, but they are certainly two of the industry’s rising stars. Devitt, the former color consultant for the Awake line, has struck out on her own and created a signature collection, Sue Devitt Studio, that hits stores this fall. Alev Aktar talked to Devitt about her inspiration for the line.
Baek is the colorful founder of SoHo’s Rescue nail salons, including the newest one on Center Market Place. The profile of Baek on page 19 kicks off a series of stories on the nail industry. This series also includes a look at all the activity going on at Kiss Products and a list of best-selling nail polish shades. The results? Well, if blue and green are your favorite colors for a pedicure, you’re in the minority.

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