“I wasn’t born to be a cheerleader, and I’m not a giant fan of the color pink,” Natasha Lyonne said at Sunday’s Los Angeles premiere of “But I’m a Cheerleader.”
Clea DuVall, Lyonne’s co-star and friend, laughed as she recalled the shoot.
“I just remember watching Natasha sitting there, getting her hair done, smoking and saying, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore.”‘
Those who weren’t in the film had a rosier view of the baton arts.
“I’d love to be a cheerleader, actually,” said Jennifer Jason Leigh, who popped into the prescreen cocktails with Alan Cumming. “As long as I could be in the center.”
“I saw a documentary on cheerleading once,” Cumming said. “I love to see people trying really hard at something that’s so meaningless.”
Around the block at the rooftop restaurant above Barneys, Lisa Eisner celebrated her new book, “Height of Fashion.” Under colored lights strung over the terrace, the book’s subjects, from Peggy Moffit to Tracee Ellis Ross, twinkled to Eighties music and snacked on mini hot dogs.
A few nights later, the troops came out to toast Harrison Ford’s latest bone-chiller, “What Lies Beneath.”
“Even I got scared,” said his co-star, Michelle Pfeiffer. “There were parts I forgot about that made me jump.”
Amber Valletta, who makes her screen debut as the ghost that haunts a married couple played by Ford and Pfeiffer, said the movie posed a challenge altogether different from shooting a Versace campaign.
“For one thing, I was made to look scary instead of pretty,” she said. “I’ve made four movies this year, though I’m now preparing for the biggest role of my life,” she said, rubbing her pregnant belly.

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