HIRE WIRE ACT: ModelWire Inc., a software developer specializing in applications for modeling agencies and fashion houses, recently received additional financing, including options of up to $20 million, in a fund-raising effort led by Easton Capital Corp. and the New York Community Investment Co.
In another development, ModelWire unveiled its new digital-imaging and booking systems last Tuesday. The separate programs can also be used in unison, offering users access to databases, schedules and specialized data from both clients and models. The system strives to streamline the booking process by eliminating paper.
ModelWire clients making their way upstream away from the flow of paper include Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and NY Models.
Not short of happenings, ModelWire’s parent, Geyser Technologies Inc., has appointed Allan Grafman as its president and chief executive officer. Grafman, who is taking charge of the firm’s enterprise strategy, operations and finance, joined Geyser from Tribune Entertainment.

SITES OF THE RICH AND…: After countless tours of luxury homes, a virtual version of Robin Leach soon will be guiding us through the finest in cyberspace. ScreenFriends Corp., a developer of voice-activated onscreen browsing, has taken him on as celebrity sponsor and Web guide.
Using animation and voice-recognition technology, ScreenFriends is creating an animated character that will mime Leach’s personality and mannerisms. The Leach character also will speak to the user in that familiar voice and take them to their Internet destination sans mouse.
In a statement from ScreenFriends, Leach said: “I am really proud of the technology and accuracy of the character, which makes me confidently predict that over time, the days of the keyboard and mouse as the control mechanism for computers and the Internet will be coming to an end.”
Until then, CyberWorld wishes and dot-com dreams.

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