“Is it true?” gasped Ann Nitze.
“Oh my God, where?” Vera Wang asked as she jumped out of her seat and craned her neck. “Can I bow and pray?”
“Is she going to sing?” Pat Patterson wondered.
Such was the reaction when word began sweeping through the Parrish Art Museum that Aretha Franklin, taking a week’s vacation in Quogue, had arrived at the Parrish’s annual Midsummer Gala Saturday night in Southampton.
“I’m not singing tonight,” Franklin said. “I’ll let someone else do that. Tonight is for Caroll Petrie.”
Petrie was honored by the museum — and by innumerable rounds of applause and cheering — for her recent gift of $3 million.
“I’m so glad everyone came,” Petrie said. “I thought the storms would keep people at home, but here they are.”
“Most of all, we came for you,” said Kitty Carlisle Hart as she grabbed Petrie’s hand.
Guests included co-chair Debbie Bancroft, Beth Rudin de Woody, Christy Turlington, Nina Griscom, Marjorie Gubelmann and Alexandra Loeb.
“This is a great Hamptons event,” said Helen Schifter. “But I like to get back to the city by Tuesday — otherwise it gets too ‘Stepford Wives’ out here for me. In my mind, I’m still 26 and single and working at Conde Nast.”

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