Byline: Marcy Medina / with contributions from Rose Apodaca Jones / Cassandra Nye / Lauren Craig

LOS ANGELES — With Emmy-nominated TV hits such as “Sex and the City” and “Will & Grace” making Jimmy Choo and Dolce & Gabbana practically household names, the 52nd Annual Primetime Emmys are poised to compete in that ‘Style Superbowl’ that until now has been dominated by the Oscars.
“I think TV will give the Oscars fashion race a run for its money,” predicted Randolph Duke, who has dressed several of the networks’ leading ladies.
The nominees — announced last week and listed here — are no strangers to the fashion hoopla. Joining them here are actresses whom the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences may have overlooked, but of whom fashionistas can’t get enough.
One thing is certain: If they don’t look fabulous, it won’t be for lack of trying.
“Given these women’s status, they can afford the best,” observed stylist Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig, who has worked with Michelle Pfeiffer, Brooke Shields and Meg Ryan. “They should all take advantage of that access. If people don’t want to deal with the competition, have a dress custom made.”
So what should viewers expect on the big night? WWD surveyed the experts — the designers, stylists, magazine editors, hair stylists and makeup artists — about how the nominees and attendees should look. Many of those surveyed will also, inevitably, make their mark at the broadcast Sept. 10.


Everyone wants TV’s “It” girl, as much for her willingness to experiment with fashion on screen in her role as sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City” — which won her a nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series — as for her experimentation with fashion offscreen. Good thing she studied up on the collections as a front-row guest at every key designer’s show. She is the series co-producer, you know.

STEFANO DOLCE and DOMENICO GABBANA: “We would like to see Sarah in a hot skirt with fringe and beading paired with a brocade bustier and Swarovski-crystal-embroidered sandals. Sarah is daring and has a unique way of interpreting fashion. She is not afraid to take chances and always looks great.”

MARK BADGLEY and JAMES MISCHKA: “She has a great, original sense of style. She would look fab in a quirky, asymmetrical net cocktail dress.”

MARK GARRISON, hairstylist: “My favorite. Please tangle me up in that hair! I’d love to see her a redhead — deep red — very steamy.”

RANDOLPH DUKE: “You always run the risk of what I call the ‘beauty pageant parade’ of dresses with all these pretty things coming down the carpet. You need those women who have great bodies and sex appeal to pepper it up. Sarah Jessica Parker can do that. She’s one who could pull off a hot pant or bra under a sheer top.”

DAVID GARDNER, hairstylist, Profile agency (who will be styling Parker’s hair on Emmy night): “Seeing as she wore her hair straight for the MTV Movie Awards, I think she will go curly and wild. I know it’s what I would like to see.”


The very-soon-to-be Mrs. is certainly not going to throw a housecoat over that sexy figure. Playing sweet Rachel may have scored her a nod for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for “Friends,” but she should take the high road to chic style.

Randolph Duke: “With a possible wedding ring on her finger and Brad Pitt in tow, it doesn’t matter what she wears. Jennifer will have everybody beat, hands down. The dress I designed for her last year was a departure, which was nice because you don’t get that often. But since she tried it last year, I think she will go more simple this year.”

RICHARD TYLER: “Jennifer could be great in a dress that has a touch of whimsy to it, not too serious, but still sophisticated. She would be very beautiful in rich, strong turquoise or aquamarine. Her body and skin are flawless, so she can wear anything. I would like to keep her modern and very sexy.”

PAMELA DENNIS: “I only see her simply dressed, and — may she rest in peace — very Carolyn Bessette-ish. I see her in very clean lines, feminine and soft. She wears earth tones really well; she is an earthy chick! On Emmy night, she’s going to emanate what she has for the past year, always classy and simply dressed. She has a sex appeal that is uncoupled, and she and Brad are an uncoupled couple. She won’t change her look. It works for her. She’s with him, isn’t she? Would you change your look?”

LAURENT D, hairstylist: “I would give her curly, very natural hair — similar to Gisele Bundchen.”

DAVID CARDONA, designer (nominated along with Bob Mackie for Outstanding Costumes for a Variety of Music Program for “Cher: Live in Concert”): “Jennifer is fabulous. Ever since Brad, whether he’s the reason or not, she’s had a six-pack stomach. I love seeing her in hip-hugging skirts that accentuate her body. And I don’t think she is too skinny. I just think she’s in great shape for the first time in her life.”

JEANINE LOBELL, Stila Cosmetics and veteran makeup artist: “Jennifer is beautiful in an approachable way. It would be odd to see her completely painted. I’d like her tan and shimmering and bronze. It’s the look of somebody on holiday who threw on a gown.”


This quintessential L.A. woman is now a New Yorker (“Spin City” tapes there) and a Seventh Avenue favorite. She has the body, attitude and cult status that make her a dream for designers such as Michael Kors and Dolce & Gabbana.

STEFANO DOLCE and DOMENICO GABBANA: “We would like to see Heather accentuate her great figure in a stretch chiffon dress with a low neckline encrusted with floral beading and high-heel sandals. Her hair and makeup [are] always perfect.”

PATRICIA FIELD and REBECCA FIELD, stylists: “Urban sexy. Stay with those above-the-knee hemlines.”

MARK GARRISON, hairstylist: “She should try some layers and a shorter length…to the chin. A not so ‘salon perfect’ style would be so refreshing. She would rock as a shiny brunette.”

HAL RUBENSTEIN, InStyle: “The girl is up for anything. The only thing that bothers me is she dresses a little too rock ‘n’ roll sometimes. I’d probably glam her up a bit, maybe in Michael Kors’s gold matte top and skirt. There’s also a great Vera Wang short, one-shoulder dress that’s gold on top and black on the bottom. She can do metallics in an elegant way that shows off that great figure.”

LAURENT D, hairstylist: “I would give her a Farrah Fawcett blow-dry.”

RACHEL ZOE ROSENZWEIG, stylist: “She’s such a bombshell. She’s innately sexy. She could wear a housecoat and still be sexy. With Heather, the key is reversing what we expect of her. Play down the hair and makeup. No cleavage. She should just walk onto that carpet and people should be saying she’s stunning, not hot.”


OK, already, the world knows you’ve got the bod. Enough of the cha-cha duds. She looked stunning in that white Valentino gown peppered with red roses when she won a Golden Globe as Dorothy Dandridge in the HBO production. Primed to scoop a second trophy for the role as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie, she would be wise to summon the elegant heroine she portrayed.

Elizabeth Stewart, creative director of style, New York Times Magazine: “I would love to see Halle in something that’s not a bikini top, doesn’t bare her midriff or have fringe. She’d look great in a draped chiffon evening dress from Donna Karan’s fall 2000 collection.”

BRADLEY BAYOU, couturier and TV host: “She’s a dream. Lately, some of her choices have been a little out-there. When you look like she does, you don’t need to display yourself like that. But with a body like that, you can’t go wrong. Good or bad, she’s taking those chances, and God bless her.”

HAL RUBENSTEIN, fashion director, InStyle: “There’s nothing Halle Berry can’t wear. The woman radiates great energy. There’s a very gamine quality about her, and yet she has a womanly figure. Most fun for Halle would be Galliano’s resort collection, wines and mustards that are overtly sexy yet not cheap.”

PAMELA DENNIS: “She always picks something beautiful and of-the-moment. She’s a chameleon. She can pull off a Madonna or an Ashley Judd, going very couture or very hot and sexy.”

PATRICIA FIELD and REBECCA FIELD, stylists: “Serve up all your gorgeousness and lusciousness. If you’ve got it, naked is best.”


As InStyle’s Hal Rubenstein noted, here’s more proof that some things in Hollywood can get better with age. Nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for “Once and Again” (she already took home a statuette in that category in 1994 for “Sisters”), Ward can pull off just about any look and designer. Play up the drama, sister.

MARK BADGLEY and JAMES MISCHKA: “Such a beauty. We would put Sela in very classic, dramatic shapes, probably dark — think John Singer Sargent portraits.”

RACHEL ZOE ROSENZWEIG, stylist: “Sela radiates beauty, even when she’s in shorts and a tank top. She’s 40-something and proud of it. I’d put her in something European. But I wouldn’t rule anything out because the Americans are now getting more edgy. She absolutely should have something with a low back that trains behind her.”

HAL RUBENSTEIN, InStyle: “Sela Ward is just the most smashing-looking lady, but she wears black an awful lot. If anything, here is a woman who could wear those great jewel tones for fall, like a carnelian gown by Richard Tyler, or the tremendous gowns by Donna Karan. She would look spectacular in a diaphanous dress with an uneven hem or a leather top with a full skirt.”

ETIENNE TAENAKA, celebrity hairstylist, Vidal Sassoon: “At 44, Sela looks fabulous! She should take advantage of what she’s got. Skintight Versace all the way. Clean and glamorous makeup and her hair dressed down to say that she still has a casual attitude about getting all glammed up.”


Flaunt be thy middle name. The “Sex and the City” sexpot, nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her role as Samantha, can work it to the hilt. She reminds hairstylist Laurent D of a modern-day Marilyn Monroe. But that blond bombshell never made fans blush. Just a reminder, Kim, the Emmys aren’t on cable.

Elizabeth Stewart, New York Times Magazine: “She has a slight ‘cheese’ factor and should just go with it. Wear an over-the-top Eighties look from Celine, Versace or Christian Dior.”

BRADLEY BAYOU: “Kim has made some bad choices and good. She knows she’s sexy, but sometimes you can be a little more subtle. Still, I love her because she has a sense of style all her own.”

RANDOLPH DUKE: “Kim has had a phenomenal year. She just gets better and better. She’s more beautiful now than she ever has been, and success has treated her well. I think she will go simple and maybe a little more couture in feeling than she has in the past.”

PATRICIA FIELD and REBECCA FIELD, stylists: “We want her to serve it up in the style of Samantha. We’d like her to go not as Kim Cattrall, but fiercer — more in character. She should arrive like the ‘A’ star she’s become. Joan Collins, move over.”

RICCI DE MARTINO, stylist, Cloutier agency: “Kim is the epitome of sexiness. No matter what you put her in, it takes on a sexy energy. I would get really slinky and sexy and nod to retro Hollywood. You glam up Kim, and she carries it off.”

MARK GARRISON, hairstylist: “Her beauty slays me. I would grow [the hair] length, shag the top and go less blond — it’s too cliche. I would do a deeper base with golden honey highlights.”


Fans can’t get enough of her or her show, “Will and Grace.” Neither could the judges when they nominated her for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. As Grace, she’s incredibly accessible. But with those emerald eyes and auburn hair, she should opt for pared-down elegance, maybe something black, when she hits the red carpet.

MARK BADGLEY and JAMES MISCHKA: “With such classic features, that gorgeous hair and perfect skin, we think Debra would look beautiful in something dark — even black — in a revealing cut.”

FREDERIC FEKKAI, hairstylist: “I love Debra. For her, I like the look of curly locks coming down around that beautiful face. It’s a little bit undone, which is a very nice look.”

GREGORY ALT, senior makeup artist at MAC Cosmetics: “We have grown to love Deborah as a quirky, adorable Lucille Ball type, so it would be fun to see her let go a bit and explore her sexy side. Smoky, plum-colored eyes with a light, rich plum gloss on her lips would look great.”

JEANNE YANG, stylist: “I adore her character, but she’s sometimes a little too elegant and could stand to be more funked up. I could see what Galliano could do for her. She needs to be more eclectic, not so gowny. It’s high summer in L.A. so why not go for something much more fun and interesting?”


The Bedazzler studded Bob Seger T-shirt looked more MTV Music Awards than Golden Globes, but leave it up to “The Practice” star to shed her Armani district attorney duds for riskier statements by rising designers. What will Jack Nicholson’s cookie come up with next? Note to her stylist: These are the Emmys.

RACHEL ZOE ROSENZWEIG, celebrity stylist: “She should wear something that accentuates her, like a bias-cut dress. If thin actors don’t want to be on the cover of every magazine as the “starved actors,” then they need to go with something flowy. Maybe Chanel or Ungaro or Alberta Ferretti. Something that isn’t going to show bones.”

DAVID CARDONA, designer: “When I dress her, I tuck the fabric right under the rear instead of dropping it off. That way, she looks curvy and sexy. I’d like to see her in a strapless dress, with a slightly fuller short skirt, very Audrey Hepburn. She wants to portray the image of a true star, not someone who is trendy.”

FREDERIC FEKKAI, hairstylist: “I love Lara’s dark hair. It’s very chic. I would love to see her play with it more because she has a beautiful face and great eyes. I’d like to see it shoulder length with long layers on the top that angle to her cheekbones, and long, wispy bangs.”

JEANINE LOBELL, Stila Cosmetics and veteran makeup artist: “She’s one of those girls who makes you think, ‘What is she going to do this time?’ You can make her look like Liz Taylor — all retro movie star — or very modern and cool.”


She and her “Ally McBeal” officemates might have been slighted by Emmy judges, but as one of the leading sleuths on the upcoming “Charlie’s Angels” film, she continues to raise her style profile. Teaming up with Donatella Versace for the Oscars and MTV Movie Awards clinched her place among Tinseltown’s most fabulously dressed.

RICHARD TYLER: “I love her character on “Ally McBeal.” I would like to see her in a really sexy red [dress] that plays off her hair — like our resort 2001 couture fire silk, chiffon jersey dress. [It] is fitted and very low cut and would look gorgeous on her. I also have a deep red, boned leather dress that would be great.”

RANDOLPH DUKE: “Her most memorable look this year was the red Versace at the Oscars. I’d like to see her depart from that a bit. I liked the dress, but I felt she might have been a little younger, since her image is fun and hip.”

ETIENNE TAENAKA, celebrity hairstylist, Vidal Sassoon: “Lucy needs to glam it up a bit without being over the top. I love her long hair, but I would like to cut a half fringe on her to the cheekbone and dress it off to the side and leave the back very loose with slight waves to make is softer.”

RACHEL ZOE ROSENZWEIG, stylist: “Lucy can pull off anything. She shouldn’t go safe in an ‘Emmy’ dress…maybe Gaultier or Ungaro. I think Hollywood has a problem of gauging what’s sexy and sleazy. To me, sexy is drama, the low back or the way a train falls to the bottom.”

VIVIENNE TAM: “She has an amazing style and is not afraid to be a little different. I would put her in something glamorous…maybe my black-and-gold sunburst-beaded dress. It has an unusual back treatment using gold chains. Lucy could carry it off perfectly!”


She’s America’s sweetheart as Joey Potter on “Dawson’s Creek.” And designers, stylists — just about everyone, really — can’t wait to sex her up. At 5 feet 8 inches and sample size, the fashion world is at her bidding. Katie, it’s time to graduate to the big leagues.
GREGORY ARLT, senior makeup artist, MAC Cosmetics: “Katie’s Emmy look should be hot and glam, unlike her TV character. It would be a nice change to see her in deep, shimmering eye shadows and a soft, pinky lip gloss.”

JEANNE YANG, stylist: “Katie can definitely get away with plunging necklines because she has a sweet look. It would be great to see her in Yves Saint Laurent or Chloe. She would also look great in Chanel. The juxtaposition of youth with such an institution could really shake things up.”

RACHEL ZOE ROSENZWEIG, stylist: “It’s time for her to dress her age. She would be stunning in Dolce & Gabbana. She’d be great in Chloe, Alberta Ferretti and Michael Kors. She needs a designer who can make her look more sophisticated. A bronzy brown with shimmery gold makeup would be so beautiful.”

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