“I’ve always had a crush on Julia Roberts,” Bruce Willis admitted. “And I know she probably had something better to do on a Saturday night than come here and give me this award.”
A legion of his leading ladies, including Roberts, Amanda Peet and Linda Fiorentino, turned out to honor Willis at the American Cinematheque’s Moving Picture Ball at the Beverly Hilton.
“This is something I don’t want for myself, ever,” Roberts confided. “It’s wonderful and hideous at the same time to have everyone talking about you.”
Jennifer Aniston and Cate Blanchett turned a few heads with their new hairdos — Aniston’s a shaggy bob and Blanchett scarcely recognizable in a short brown wig. “I just threw it on because it went with my dress,” Blanchett laughed.
A few nights later, Bjork celebrated her film debut at the West Coast premiere of “Dancing in the Dark.”
“It’s a bit like winning an Olympic gold medal,” said Bjork, still stunned by the critical acclaim she’s been getting for her acting. But the good reviews don’t mean she’ll be giving up singing anytime soon.
“There aren’t enough good albums at the Virgin store,” she said, “so I have to keep making music.”
Although it was technically an after-party following the screening of Rachel Leigh Cook’s new film, “Sally,” the soiree the next night at Lush centered around Samantha Ronson, who’d composed the film’s soundtrack.
Well-wishers included Samantha Kluge, Carolina Herrera Jr., Bijou Phillips, Ione Skye and Ronson’s proud mother, Ann Jones.
Ronson nervously wandered the crowd beforehand looking for familiar faces before settling down, guitar in hand, to perform her songs.
“She’s sung for me in her house before,” Rashida Jones said, “but I’ve never had the full acoustic experience.”