In a case of art imitating life, Richard Gere drew the ladies out in full force for the premiere of his new film, “Dr. T and the Women,” directed by Robert Altman.
“I think Richard excels when he’s surrounded by women,” Carey Lowell said about Gere, who plays a Dallas gynecologist who’s got every woman in town banging on his door for an appointment.
Kate Hudson, who plays Gere’s lesbian daughter, arrived on the red carpet to a smatter of flashbulbs but ditched the after-party for the Yankees game.
The post-screening conversation centered on the film’s ending — a live birth.
“I had never seen one before,” squealed Heidi Klum. “Never.”
“It was a bit estrogen-heavy for my husband’s taste,” Cheryl Ladd admitted.
While Laura Dern and Farrah Fawcett retired to a corner table with Gere and Lowell, Altman stroked his snow-white beard as he leaned against a pillar and chatted with friends.
“We were just a sea of women during filming,” he explained. “They did it all. I just turned the light on and off.”
A few nights before, Natasha and Ryan Kneiss flew in from Greece to celebrate their wedding with with a big dinner-dance at Cipriani 42.
Meanwhile, Brooke de Ocampo toasted the publication of “Bright Young Things,” her new book, with a party at the Hudson hotel. The night marked de Ocampo’s farewell to New York, since she’s just packed her bags for London.
“It’s weird,” she said about her move. “But good weird.”

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