Byline: Katherine Bowers

LOS ANGELES — It’s an old TV adage that the camera adds 10 pounds. Contestants in the Mrs. America pageant, taped on Sept. 1 and airing Sunday on PAX-TV, hoped to fight tele-tubby with the help of Carol Wior’s Slimsuit, a swimsuit that claims to take “an inch or more off the waistline, just by slipping it on.”
The misses’ swimsuit designer served as celebrity judge and swimsuit supplier for the pageant, which was held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu. For the swimsuit competition, each of the 10 finalists wore Wior’s aqua-and-black swimsuit with a V-neck that exposed modest cleavage.
The winner took home $25,000 in LeVian jewelry, a seven-day Renaissance cruise to Mexico, swimwear from Wior’s spring 2001 collection, shoes from Special Occasions and a chance to compete for the Mrs. World title.
Still, the runners-up didn’t leave empty-handed. Wior gave each finalist $1,000, six swimsuits and a chance to pose in her 2001 Slimsuit calendar.
Carol Wior Inc., based in Bell Gardens, Calif., recently launched the Slim-A-Size collection, aimed at younger women. Wior’s younger sister, Rene Houle, designs that line.