Byline: Kerry Diamond

NEW YORK — As blondes know all too well, hair color can take a toll on one’s tresses. One particular blonde, Joey Roer, chief executive officer of Joey New York, decided she had spent enough time searching for products that wouldn’t further damage her already distressed locks.
“I couldn’t find anything that made my hair look healthy or preserved the color,” said Roer. “I’d spend a fortune getting my hair colored, then I’d use a product and it would strip the color.”
In response, she created Fragile-Handle With Care, a trio of products that includes a shampoo, daily conditioner and deep conditioner. The products have been in development for the past year. “There have been lots of additions and tweaking,” she said. “The last thing we added was the coconut fragrance, which makes you feel like you’re in the Caribbean.”
Each 8-oz. bottle retails for $18.50. The products went on sale this week at Henri Bendel and will roll out to additional Joey New York doors.
Laura Saio, Bendel’s cosmetics and fragrance buyer, believes Joey New York will find a following for these items. “This should be successful for them, because it seems that everyone we know gets highlights or does something to her hair involving color,” she said. “The company has really created a niche with all its problem-solving products.”
Roer said her company might expand the hair care line — but only slightly. “When you walk into a store and see a hundred thousand shampoos, you never know what to use,” she said. “We want to keep things simple and not provide a million products for a million different problems.”
Retailers, she added, are enthusiastic about the products because the prestige hair care category has yet to explode, although this year did bring new lines from names like Garren and Clinique.
Joey New York is currently found in 600 doors and industry sources expect the volume of the entire brand to hit $12 million in retail sales for this year.
Roer doesn’t expect distribution to increase significantly, but the number of stockkeeping units will. “We’ve spent the past few years expanding distribution,” she said. “Now we’re concentrating on expanding the line. We have a ton of new sku’s coming out in the skin care and color categories.”
Among the new products are additional Double Stuff items, an eyebrow kit and lipstick.