NEW YORK — Nike has cancelled a contract with a Cambodian factory for employing underage workers.
The sneaker giant stopped producing its goods at June Textiles Co. in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, after learning that workers under the age of 15 — Cambodia’s legal minimum age for workers — were making Nike apparel, a Nike spokesman said.
Nike’s Code of Conduct, corporate guidelines designed to protect factory workers rights overseas, specifies that they must be at least 16, he said.
“One of the problems is that workers falsified records to get work,” the spokesman said.
In August, just two months after Nike started using June Textiles, the factory was placed on probation, due to an audit that showed the hiring of underage workers, the Nike spokesman said. Other violations were recorded by the BBC while researching a program that airs later this month.
Nike plans to continue to use Hung Wah, another Cambodian factory, but an audit will be conducted there soon, the Nike spokesman said.