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BERLIN — The spirit of Switzerland is coming to Germany — exclusively in Berlin.
The women’s fragrance, Michel Jordi The Spirit of Switzerland, produced and marketed by Juvena, is making its first appearance in Germany this month. The eau de toilette, shower gel, body lotion, perfumed soap, solid perfume and perfumed candles will be sold in 30 doors in Berlin, including the leading department store KaDeWe, Douglas and other selected perfumeries and department stores.
Michel Jordi, a Swiss watchmaker who first became known in 1988 through his “ethnowatch,” a watch featuring notable Swiss icons such as the edelweiss on the watchband and cows marching around the watchface, signed a licensing agreement with Juvena in 1997.
The Spirit of Switzerland was launched in 350 Swiss perfumery doors in fall 1999, and was one of the top five fragrances there last Christmas, Jordi said. Brigitte Roth, the Jordi brand manager at Juvena in Switzerland, said the scent was an unexpected success, racking up 3 million Swiss Francs or about $1.7 million in retail sales in its first year. “That may sound small, but it’s quite healthy for Switzerland,” she commented.
The scent aims to capture Swiss attributes in a bottle. Alpine rose is the mainstay of this light, fresh eau de toilette.The juice was developed by parfumeur Olivier Pescheux of Givaudan Roure.
Jordi’s Swiss scent also has a playful aspect. Designed by Peter Schmitt, the shape of the bottle is reminiscent of a cowbell, the silver cap marked by a red Swiss cross on the top and “The Spirit of Switzerland” engraved around the rim. The red and silver box also includes a black and white cowhide pattern.
Although cows are not your usual image-makers in the world of fragrance, Jordi’s “Follow your own tradition!” ads also make the most of bovine beauty. Cows climb up the bottle in one version, cows carry the bottle in another, while the prize-winning Valentine’s Day ad starred a lovely milker who dreamed “Let me be your Valentine.”
The Spirit of Switzerland eau de toilette is available in 50 ml and 100 ml sizes for $26 (DM 59) and $40 (DM 89) respectively. The 200 ml shower gel and boxed Edelweiss soaps $13 (DM 29), the 200 ml body lotion $17.50 (DM 39), the perfumed candle $22 (DM 49) and the solid perfume in a jewelry case is $31 (DM 69). All dollar prices are calculated from the German Mark at current exchange.
The range will be offered exclusively in Berlin for six months. After the six-month period, Juvena will decide where and when to further roll out the Swiss scent. “When it meets acceptance in Berlin, we’ll follow up in the rest of Germany and then Austria. We think it has its biggest chance in German-speaking countries,” Roth said.

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