Byline: Andrea M. Grossman

NEW YORK — Boots Healthcare International, the over-the-counter medicines division of Boots PLC, has purchased the Clearasil acne treatment brand from Procter & Gamble for $340 million. According to Francis Thomas, a Boots spokesperson, Clearasil will boost sales of BHI to over $579.2 million in 2001; Clearasil registered sales of $137 million last year. Currency figures are converted using the current exchange rate.
Clearasil stands to be BHI’s largest brand in terms of sales, and will be poised for expansion in 2002. Future plans for Clearasil, Thomas said, would include taking “a lot of our skin care developments and putting it through the Clearasil brand,” such as with dry skin treatments for psoriasis. BHI sells skin care products in England, France and Germany under the brands E 45, Lustia and Hermal, respectively.
Other plans include expanding Clearasil’s presence to 130 countries from 50 countries. But Clearasil offers BHI opportunity, too. The purchase marks BHI’s entry into two markets it currently has not tapped, the U.S. and Japan, as well as the entry into thousands of European supermarkets.