“Let’s dance!” said Bijou Phillips, grabbing China Chow’s hand and rushing toward Cicada’s dance floor at the 10th anniversary bash for Tracey Ross’s eponymous clothing boutique. Ross devotees Sofia Coppola, Zoe Cassavetes, Milla Jovovich and Joely Fisher also made the trek downtown and grooved beneath DJ Samantha Ronson’s turntable until 2 a.m.
Across town, the cast of “That’s Life” — Debi Mazar, Heather Paige Kent and Ellen Burstyn — gathered at Tommy Hilfiger’s Rodeo Drive boutique for a W-sponsored party to celebrate the CBS drama’s premiere.
On Wednesday, a cold front passed through town and forced the crowd at Premiere magazine’s annual “Women in Hollywood” luncheon to bundle up.
“I was going to wear a real suit, but it’s too cold,” Calista Flockhart said from inside her cashmere coat. Only honoree Amanda Peet did as glamour dictated, arriving with naked shoulders.
That evening, Janusz Kaminksi celebrated the premiere of Lost Souls, his directorial debut.
“It’s definitely the type of movie you should wear a sweater to,”said co-star Sarah Wynter. “It gives you major goose bumps.”
Winona Ryder, who plays a woman trying to prevent the coming of the anti-Christ, shyly ducked cameras at the theater and spent the after-party in a candlelit corner with her family at Les Deux Cafes.
The following night at the “Pay It Forward” premiere, Helen Hunt talked about what drew her to her latest role as an alcoholic mother whose son — played by Haley Joel Osment — thinks he can change the world.
“It was her hair and nails, mostly,” Hunt laughed. “And the fact that she’s crazy, wild, messed up, sad and mad. I knew I’d either hit it big or lose big.”