“Americans always cast Brits as the bad guys,” Elizabeth Hurley complained at the premiere of her film, “Bedazzled,” in which she plays a scheming siren who just happens to be the devil incarnate, kicking off a round of celebrity events in Los Angeles.
“I’m so good in real life,” Hurley joked, “that it was a treat for me to discover how to be naughty.”
At the Chateau Marmont, Sofia Coppola and husband Spike Jonze hosted a launch for Sofia, the Niebaum-Coppola Estate Winery’s new bubbly, first served at their wedding.
“The only thing I have to do with this is that my name is on it,” giggled Coppola. “And I asked for the pink cellophane wrapper.”
Still reeling after a screening of Darren Aronofsky’s gruesome “Requiem for a Dream,” Cameron Diaz, who came out to support boyfriend Jared Leto, stood in Les Deux Cafes reenacting the excruciating experience.
“The last 15 minutes, I find myself pulling my hair and twisting in my seat,” explained the tortured Diaz.
“We wanted to go to the deep, dark recesses of the mind,” said Leto, who lost 25 pounds to play a junkie with a heart of gold.
New hot spot Deep looked more like a racy gentlemen’s club than a nightclub when Rose McGowan hosted a fashion show for London lingerie makers Agent Provocateur.
“I didn’t get any pasties, dammit!” McGowan said, eyeing the burlesque dancers shimmying down the runway in barely there lingerie.
Yoga devotees Melanie Griffith and Jacqueline Bissett braved a rainy night for Deepak Chopra, who was hosting along with Mariel Hemingway and Goldie Hawn a benefit for Gaian Yoga for Life, an organization that brings yoga to underprivileged children.
Hemingway recalled how much the practice of yoga had changed since her first class. “They were all in white. It was very Hari Krishna,” Hemingway said. “I kept thinking my father would kill me if he saw me here.”

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