Byline: Katherine Bowers

LOS ANGELES — Bijan, the upscale clothing and fragrance designer, is celebrating life’s twists and turns with a new women’s fragrance, Bijan with a Twist.
“I meant to show the twists in my own life, the feeling of the excitement, the pressure, to be loved, not to be loved,” Bijan said. “Life is like a twist. Now, I’ve made that twist in my way, and my way was a chic way, a clean type of look.”
According to industry sources, the Beverly Hills, Calif.-based company is projecting that the fragrance will do $10 million at retail. Half of that will be spent on a promotions and advertising campaign that features shots of the Bijan boutique, bottle and a blonde model washed in golden light.
Twist’s bottle, designed with the help of Bijan’s daughter Daniela Pakzad, is a chubby cylinder encased in a gold coil, which can be moved slightly up the bottle.
“I won’t say the name, but it was inspired by something my brother was playing with,” joked Pakzad, alluding to the movable rings’ similarity to a Slinky toy. “Of course, we’ve dipped them in 14-karat gold.”
The stopper is an oval ring similar in feel to Bijan’s signature loops. The packaging is a deep, sunflower yellow petal box that encloses another cylinder ringed with gold wires and capped with a frill of raw paper. Inside, the perfume rests on a cushion of grosgrain. The decadence of these details may resonate with a crowd newly interested in the luxe of the Eighties.
And that’s no accident, according to art and media director Cynthia Miller.
“We’re launching this fragrance with the resurgence of opulence and elegance,” she said.
Twist has top notes of mandarin flowers and Italian bergamot and middle notes of rose, freesia and magnolia, plus vanilla on the finish. The six-piece line includes a .5-oz. perfume spray for $225, 1.7-oz. and 3.4-oz. eaux de parfum for $65 and $90 respectively, and body lotion priced at $45. A men’s version of the fragrance, packaged in a square bottle with gunmetal rings, will be added in fall 2001.
The fragrance will be available exclusively at the Bijan boutique here and at Bergdorf Goodman in New York starting February 2001. A more extensive rollout will take place after six months, according to Pakzad.
In addition to Bijan with a Twist, the company also offers Bijan for men and women, DNA and two Michael Jordan fragrances.

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