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Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor, the 27-year-old model, DJ and podcaster who’s also the daughter of Duran Duran bassist John Taylor and TV host and photographer Amanda de Cadenet, has a new gig. She’s teaming with Fame & Partners, a Los Angeles-contemporary collection of made-to-order essentials, on a capsule collection, which launches today.

The eight-piece capsule, which is available for a three-month period, is designed to recognize diversity with almost zero-waste sustainable manufacturing. The collection focuses on body inclusivity and will be sold exclusively online at

“It allows us to have capabilities to customize each piece,” said Breanna Warner, who oversees brand marketing for Fame and Partners. She said customers can customize colors, length of the skirts, length of the tops, and size. They can also add straps for support. The pieces are manufactured in China.

Retail prices range from $129 to $279 and sizes run the gamut from 0-22.

De Cadenet Taylor and the team worked together to create pieces that fit women’s various body types properly.

“Breanna and I are friends and we were talking about doing something for a while, and she was a fan of my podcast,” said de Cadenet Taylor, when asked how the deal came together. “I always wanted to design clothes and it was perfect getting to work with her,” she said. De Cadenet Taylor previously designed a swimsuit line which “was geared toward girls with boobs.”

“I realized there was a lack of cute bathing suits for girls with real bodies that weren’t just plain black,” she said. She did that for one season a year ago through Revolve.

De Cadenet Taylor spent a long session working with Fame and Partners in L.A., which had a color palette and a general idea of what they wanted to focus on. “ I wear prints and bright colors, so it was interesting for me to work with a different color palette and a general vibe. It was really fun, and they allowed me a lot of freedom to personalize everything,” she said.

“I wanted it to fit and look good for a person who’s not a twig,” she added.

“My whole life I’ve been trying to belt things, or get them tailored because nothing fit me properly. My whole life I’ve been tweaking clothes,” said de Cadenet Taylor, whose size has fluctuated from a size 10 to a size 2.

The capsule, with an Eighties point of view, has a focus on blazers, suiting and safari vibes, with feminine details such as bustier necklines and softly tailored shapes. Made of linen, the items consist of a boxy suit jacket, triple pleated pant, full skirt shirtdress, notched lapel jumpsuit, sweetheart wrap top, button-front full skirt, sweetheart smocked top, high-waisted pant, and loose button-down shirt. The clothes can be customized for length.

De Cadenet Taylor said her favorite pieces are the white suit and some halter tops with matching high-waisted skirts.

She’s open to doing more projects with Fame and Partners and has other collaborations coming out within the next six months, such as a lingerie deal with Morgan Lane, she said.

Mostly these days, de Cadenet Taylor is working on building her brand and her podcast, called “I’m Over It” that deals with issues young people face. She’s also making merchandise and writing a book, which is an offshoot of the podcast. She is an advocate for such issues as mental health, sexual assault and body positivity/diversity.

“I use my podcast to highlight other people’s stories and [in the book] I’m going to talk about my story,” she said. She’s been recording the podcast for the past year and a half out of her New York apartment.