Many years before he moved in next door to a certain Alaskan former vice presidential candidate, author Joe McGinnis, as documented in WWD, was a bright-eyed, 26-year-old newspaper reporter with “a bestseller on his hands.” McGinnis gave up a columnist gig at the Philadelphia Inquirer in 1968, WWD reported, to follow Richard Nixon’s presidential campaign; his book on the adventures and foibles therein, “The Selling of the President 1968,” received raves from Jimmy Breslin and John Kenneth Galbraith (and was excerpted in New York magazine).

WWD photographed McGinnis with his young wife, Chris, and two toddler daughters at their home in Swarthmore, Pa. Back then, McGinnis, who is currently writing a book on Sarah Palin and living next door to her in Wasilla, Alaska, for the purposes of research, told WWD of his Nixon project: “It definitely won’t be a political book though, because I don’t want to get tabbed as a political writer. Besides, what I’m most interested in are people. And it’s hard to write about politicians as people today because they’re so hidden under the image.”

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