Christy Turlington has some pretty steadfast fans. Some 600 of them slogged through a nasty blizzard in New York Tuesday night to get to the premiere of the film, “Christy Turlington Backstage,” for Lifetime Television.

Christy, of course, was kept warm and dry by her Burberrys trenchcoat – something she couldn’t afford not to wear since the clothing company sponsored a party in its 57th Street store after the screening. It was there director Robert Leacock asked, “Did it work? We had to get 24 designers into 48 minutes. I wasn’t sure it it would come off all right.”

It did. The film is a light, fun look at the life of a model – perfect for all those housewives who make up most of Lifetime’s audience. But for industry insiders, the film lacked real dish on the lives of the supermodels.

“I liked it, but they left out some really funny footage of us running around looking for a party we never found,” said Naomi Campbell. “I really wanted to see that.”

Turlington was pleased with the result, but it’s not something she’s likely to do again.

“I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be doing the runways,” she said, “so I don’t know that I’d really have the opportunity.”

Surely, someone will come knocking.

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