Most women consider a great handbag an investment purchase. But heirloom worthy? With Mother’s Day approaching, WWD talked to fashion-industry moms about every woman’s favorite accessory, and which bag they deem worthy of passing down to their daughters and perhaps, as Shoshanna Gruss mused, to a son. (Spoiler alert: Chanel fares well).

Jessica Sailer Van Lith, creative director, Maisonette: “I would love to own a bag like this [Hermès’ Birken bag] to pass down to my kids. Sadly, it recently sold, so I won’t get my hands on it. We are an equestrian family and I love that it has that sensibility, but is the most timeless shape.”

Jodie Snyder Morel, cofounder, Dannijo: “I have an obsession with Chanel denim bags and have been collecting them. I hope one day Margaux will think they’re as great as I do.”

Dana Avidan Cohn, executive style director, Popsugar: “I have always loved handbags. I definitely developed the habit from my mother and grandmother. They invested in a beautiful bag each season, and I love to do the same. Most of my bags I really wear, but some I am more precious about. Now that I have a little girl I can’t wait to save these for her!”

Maria Dueñas Jacobs, director of brand development, Stitch Fix: “I Iove bags, but my true ‘collection’ is of novelty Chanel 2.55 bags. I am certain that my daughters will be grateful to inherit this collection curated by their mom. How I get them not to fight over them is a different story!”

Kahlana Barfield Brown, fashion and beauty consultant: “This is one of my very first Chanel bags. It’s missing some stones, but that’s what makes it so special — it reminds me of different seasons in my life. I have a pretty big Chanel collection that I plan to pass down to my daughter. I’ll make sure she knows to take extra care of this one.”

Elle Strauss, stylist and brand consultant: “This was my first-ever Chanel bag. I bought it after landing my dream job at Condé Nast as senior fashion editor of Lucky magazine.…An investment purchase, I told myself, to hand down to the daughter I would surely one day have. As luck would have it I had two! And ever since, Honor, age nine, could speak, she has voiced a very strong opinion on her outfits and her accompanying accessories, refusing to leave the house if things don’t match.…My little sparkly Chanel bag is a firm goal. I adore that she’s so into fashion and can think of nothing more wonderful than both of my daughters inheriting my wardrobe. In a world where fast fashion has become a sad trend, the idea that my timeless Chanel bag will remain exactly that feels good.”

Shoshanna Gruss, designer: “The Balenciaga Boy Bag is the only ‘It’ bag I have ever coveted. I don’t like anything with initials or logos on it. I have the original bag from the first season and many incarnations of it after. It will never go out of style and, most importantly, it can withstand the wear of being a mom of three. I will happily pass these down to my girls, and if my son ever wants one, there is enough for him, too!”

Nicole Chapoteau, stylist: “I have a small collection of Chanel bags. There are two bags in particular that I adore and have told my friends, ‘if anything were to happen to me, make sure the Pumas [my daughters] get these bags.’ Chanel bags are timeless. They spark joy not matter if they are one of the more classic 2.55 styles or one that is purely ornamental. Plus, my daughters constantly ask me when do they get to have their own Chanel bags!”

Shane Clark, brand consultant: “I have a canvas Hermès Kelly bag with an interchangeable body (you can switch it to a black canvas or natural canvas) which I plan on passing down to Tallulah. I bought it over 10 years ago, and it’s in excellent condition.”

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