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Blaenk designers Silke Geib and Nadine Möllenkamp said they were inspired by Louise Bourgeois’ installation series “The Cells.” But it was the artist’s spiders that came to mind when viewing the delicate threads dangling from over-embroidered knit bodices and vests and masculine wool coats. Not to mention the weblike mohair leggings dotted with white balls reminiscent of spider eggs.

The designers’ other artful appliqués and handmade accents, along with their predilection for long diaphanous silk gowns, are not exactly meant for daily consumption. Yet their other main reference — men’s wear — provided a counterbalance, the tailored white top coat in a slubbed wool just one example of daytime wearability. For a clearly special occasion, in came Geib and Möllenkamp’s modern wedding dress, an experimental knit bodice worn with ultra-wide white trousers with a tail.


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