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Basic Research, the distributor known for bringing StriVectin's stretch mark cream to department store beauty counters, is gearing up for the launch of four new products aimed at broadening its presence in the prestige market.

NEW YORK — Basic Research, the distributor known for bringing StriVectin’s stretch mark cream to department store beauty counters, is gearing up for the launch of four new products aimed at broadening its presence in the prestige market.

StriVectin, which leveraged a stretch mark cream into an antiwrinkle business, will introduce two antiaging hand care products, along with a deep wrinkle serum, this April. Coinciding with that launch, Bremenn Research Labs will launch Lumedia, a product to treat age spots and skin discolorations on the hands.

In addition to using the same distributor, both StriVectin and Lumedia rely on the same marketing, research and development company, Majestic Media. However, they use two separate manufacturing companies: Klein-Becker USA (StriVectin) and Bremenn Research Labs (Lumedia).

“The reason these products are so innovative, and are worthy of customer interest, is because they are new technologies that answer unmet needs in the market,” said Louis Rinaldi, managing director of cosmetic development for Basic Research.

According to Rinaldi, this is the “year of the hands.” Company research and retailer feedback showed there were few products on the market to treat and repair hands. To fill this gap, StriVectin developed two hand treatments — Ultra Concentrate Cream, $38, and Self-Heating NanoExfoliant, $28.

“We developed a comprehensive hand care regimen to help women restore youth to the back of their hands,” said Rinaldi. “You no longer have to be embarrassed by telltale aging hands.”

NanoExfoliant combines traditional exfoliating materials with heat-inducing elements, which are said to stimulate and accelerate the skin’s natural renewal process. The Ultra Concentrate Cream is designed to restore a plump and healthy appearance to the back of hands by reducing the appearance of thin veins, lines and wrinkles. Restoring the melanin balance also improves the appearance of age spots and discolorations on older skin, said Rinaldi.

StriVectin’s Hydro-Thermal Deep Wrinkle Serum, $153 for a 0.9-oz. bottle, is designed to reduce deep wrinkles, roughness and discoloration on the face caused by sun damage and premature aging. The product targets the dermal-epidermal junction, where nutrients and blood are fed into the epidermis, which plays a critical role in tissue repair.

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Following the success of last year’s Hylexin eye cream, Bremenn is gearing up to launch an even more specific problem-solving product. Lumedia, $90, is designed to address age spots, imperfections and such discoloration as liver spots, hyperpigmentation and freckling. The hand products also are meant to be preventative, so that men and women of all ages can use them.

“You don’t have to wait till you have deep wrinkles and age spots in order to use products and begin the repair process,” said Gina Gay, marketing director of Majestic Media.

“Instead of waiting until damage occurs, you can use this in a comprehensive regimen for prevention.”

Gay finds that women in their early 20s are catching on to the value of prevention and the importance of StriVectin. And the company has identified men as a growing consumer segment within the last year and a half.

The products will be supported with print ads, which broke in March beauty, fashion and lifestyle books. A seasonal TV campaign, along with other promotions, is slated for this summer.

Industry sources expect all four products to bring in an estimated $30 million in first-year retail sales with about $6 million spent on advertising to promote the hand products.

“The products help maintain the credibility StriVectin has already created in the marketplace. Consumers will see the same great results,” said Gay.

After a four-week exclusive window at select retailers — Lumedia at Saks, Hydro-Thermal Deep Wrinkle Serum at Bloomingdale’s and Ultra Concentrate Cream and Self-Healing NanoExfoliant at Macy’s — the products are slated to roll out to a broader distribution.

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